Tuesday, January 31, 2006

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LookSmart's Furl - The HRHS1975 Archive: "Progress Report Archives 2006 - American Progress Action Fund
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I'm preparing for this State of the Union Address the same way I've prepared for the previous ones..... by wearing the tallest boots I can find!

Obviously when Bush was a child he could never quite grasp the lesson behind the story of Pinnochio (and obviously neither could the people he hired to be in his administration).

- Regarding the culture of corruption, secrecy, and lies prevalent in DC during this administration, the words of Jack Nicholson's charachter in Batman keep ringing in my ears....'This town needs an enema!'. True, he wasn't speaking of Washington DC, but he could have been.
Though the biggest crime in DC (since Watergate/Contra Scandal) will be if Bush DOESN'T get impeached.

Although I feel that Democrats would be more responsible than the Republicans have proven themselves to be controlling the White House, Senate, and Congress, this should be somehow forbidden. It just doesn't make sense to me. How can 'checks and balances' work if ONE party controls everything, and change the rules (like the Republicans did) when the rules don't work for THEM.

The ETHICS committee is (theoretically) there to maintain the ethics rules, but instead of doing their job the Republican dominated committee does whatever the party bosses tell them to do (and that rarely has anything to do with ethics).

We have, and are witnessing the most corrupt, uncaring, and incompetent government in most of our lifetimes.
America needs to wake the HELL up!

It should be SOME comfort, but the fact that [I] didn't vote for Bush doesn't offer me any, but I'm still left scratching my head when I try to figure out why SO MANY other Americans did.

--- STUPID PEOPLE!...unless you're rich and have no heart (or benifit from one of the no-bid contracts, or other cronyism) you should've had NO legitimate reasons to vote for him. The false claim that the Republican party can 'protect' America better than the Democrats is LUDICROUS! That's one reason why the Bush White House is doing everything it can (legally/illegally) to try to prevent another 9/11-type attack which it knows would undermine the inane claim that "we're fighting them over there, so we don't have to fight them HERE" claim.
The Republican" party has proven itself lately to be largely corrupt, inept, unethical, and careless when it comes to foreign relations, use/abuse* of power, reporting their actions to the American people, and caring for the underprivilaged in our 'great' country. Instead, they screw the poor, let the rich (people and corporations) do what they want (by LEGALLY avoiding the TAXES that pay for OUR government, leaving the rest of us to pay them AND live with a huge budget deficit [as opposed to the budget SURPLUS we had when Clinton was president and the Democrats controlled things]), bully the rest of the world when they don't do our bidding, and have generally screwed things up from day one.

--- Should that be rewarded? -- ...uh, NO!!!

*Actually they're very good at the abuse part.