Thursday, November 09, 2006

Why can't the MSM do it's job?

Why is Keith Olbermann's show the only place (on TV that I've seen) that I've seen news of Rupert Murdoch's statement that the number of deaths from the war in Iraq is "miniscule"?

And why haven't I heard *anything* about Laura Ingram's call for her listeners to all call the Democratic Voter's help Line at the same time in order to jam the phone lines?
Again, the only place I saw anything about it was on Countdown w/ Keith Olbermann.

In addition to that, the news of the FBI being called in to investigate the allegations that the Allen campaign (or people acting on their behalf) had called Democratic voters giving them false information and hiding the fact that it was actually coming from the Republican campaign, was almost nonexistant* during the 12+ hours of TV "coverage".

* I personally heard it mentioned once, maybe twice

Comments on the election, C-SPAN, and CNN-HN/Student News

First I must say "Good job America", it's about time you woke up!

Better late than never of course, but the families of the dead and wounded (and many other Americans) wish that the alarm would have gone off 4/6 years ago!

I know, many (including myself), weren't vigilant enough and believed enough of the administration's propaganda (aka LIES) at first.
By the time we found out we'd been deceived, it was too late to do anything about it.

Unlike [so many] others though, I saw what kind of special idiot Bush was right off the bat (friends and family should remember that I said after his "election"/appointment, "This clowns going to get us into a WAR, mark my words!").

Why the heck couldn't I have been wrong THAT TIME?**

I voted for Gore, then Kerry, and if the people who voted in Bush (both times) voted differently, how different the world would be now...

9/11 probably would have happened anyway, but all the international goodwill generated afterwards would NOT have been wasted, and we wouldn't have invaded Iraq.

If we (President Gore) ordered the invasion of Afghanistan to evict the Taliban we wouldn't have effectively abandoned it to correct one of Bush Sr's. Perceived errors and start the neocons new/foolish policy of proactive "defense" and "spreading Democracy" to countries (whether they want it or not).

**Now I don't claim to be a psychic, in fact I seem to have what's called "negative ESP" (if I *try* to predict something I'm almost always WRONG), but there was something about Bush that I saw immediately.
He's dumb in a scary sort of way.
3:17 AM 11/9/2006

CNN HN (Student News): I'm watching their coverage of the Bush fires Rumsfield story.

Apparently neither Jamie McIntyre (nor the CNN-HN/Student News anchor) thought it was important to include the fact that Bush admitted LYING to reporters (for political purposes) when he stated last
week that Rumsfield and Cheney would keep their jobs until the Bush term ends and that they both had the full confidence of the president (even though he knew otherwise at the time).

Of course the funny thing about it was that if he had fired Rumsfield BEFORE the election (INSTEAD of publicly stating his confidence in him) the election results *might have* been VERY different...

I never thought I'd ever say this but, (in this case) thank goodness for Bush's stupidity!
Did his *brain* (bubble boy Rove) 'fumble the ball' with that one?

Note: Did anyone check and see if hell actually froze over when Bush admitted to a (this) lie?

I hope teachers who use the CNN-HN/Student News to discuss current events in their classrooms preview the *news* beforehand, and are informed enough to 'fill-in the blanks' (such as Bush admitting that he LIED for political purposes!).

On that same line of thinking, I'd hope that teachers (dealing with politics and current events) use the (Media Matters for America and other similar sites) web site to show
students how much of the news story the MSM leaves out of their reports and how often so many of them get the whole story WRONG!

It should be interesting to see how the 'Bush lapdogs' in the press corps act now.

I've already seen and heard some contrition on the part of conservative pundits like the Marlboro/Scarboro Man (Joe Scarboro) and Pat Buchanan about the fact that they "carried water" for the President/GOP and weren't happy about 'having to do it'...


No, I'm afraid that you're LYING guys, and so is Rush Limbaugh when he claimed to be 'so happy' that he doesn't have to "carry water" anymore for Bush.

You see, when you lie/deceive for a living for as long as Rush (and the rest) have, it's probably not like turning off a lightswitch.
And it's not like they've been just itching to get the truth out
there all this time.

In Limbaugh's case he's a naturally mean-spirited person who makes his
living lying about his perceived *enemies* and in the process dosn't care who he hurts or how low he has to sink to get his *message* out.
(Latest evidence: His disgusting parody of Michael J. Fox's symptoms.)


Another thought on C-SPAN [4:28 AM 11/9/2006]:

After watching C-SPAN (specifically the call-in shows) I have to ask, why do you challenge some callers and not others?

On election day I heard the C-SPAN anchor* challenge (*and I noticed a bit of 'attitude' in his tone) a Democratic caller (who I thought had a good point), yet he said NOTHING when a right-wing nut-job called and was spouting off all the disproven GOP talking points.

(He (the caller) was obviously "shocked and awed" by the election results... heh-heh)

The caller also stated that he thinks that the GOP should "do the same thing the Democrats did" and "block everything that the Dems bring up for vote".
He sounded like he was in his thirties, but his *idea* was straight out of kindergarden.

At that point the C-SPAN anchor should have challenged/informed him that the Dems didn't control either branch of Congress at that time and were shut out of everything! The only thing they could do is use the remaining rules (the ones that haven't been re-written to consolidate the GOP's power) to try to effect some form of OVERSIGHT that the Constitution calls for.
Not to mention that this 'tit-for-tat' business is childish and counterproductive!

Of course it's not the anchor's *job* to correct caller's comments/thoughts, but if you do it once with a liberal caller, shouldn't you be fair and challenge the far-right caller equally?
Especially when they're spouting such old and disproven rhetoric!

I was amazed. The anchor just let this BS just slide by like it was actually true!

That is NOT serving the American public who watch C-SPAN for ACCURATE and UNBIASED news and current events!

And it's not the first time I've noticed this happen on C-SPAN.
It was something I'd half-expect to see on most of the MSM TV news/opinion/propoganda shows, but NOT from C-SPAN.

Please, either challenge ALL callers who mis-state the facts/reality, or challenge NONE.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Salt Lake Tribune - Rolly: Mysterious increase in vote roster

Salt Lake Tribune - Rolly: Mysterious increase in vote roster: Rolly: Mysterious increase in vote roster
By Paul Rolly
Tribune Columnist
Article Last Updated:11/01/2006 01:14:28 AM MST

Tiny Daggett County in eastern Utah seems to have a population explosion every election season. This year, there are 766 registered voters, which almost matches the county's entire population, according to Census records.

Democrats in the county say there is a reason for that. They say the Republican county clerk has a penchant for allowing Republicans to register, no matter where they live.

Democratic Sheriff Allen Campbell is particularly concerned. His Republican opponent is part-time deputy Rick Ellsworth, whose parents, George and Wanita Ellsworth, apparently have 14 adults living in their home and they all registered to vote using that address.

Critics say people from Hooper, Vernal, Roosevelt and Salt Lake County seem to have swelled the voter registration rolls, and they all seem to have connections to the Republican candidates.

One registered voter was a prison inmate housed in the Daggett County jail when Campbell's predecessor, Gaylen Jarvie, was sheriff. That inmate is now on parole and living in Hooper. Jarvie is supporting Ellsworth.

County Clerk Vickie McKee says the people complaining are the same ones who complained four years ago. She said she was told by the Lieutenant Governor's Office at that time that she couldn't require proof of residency for those who registered in person. She takes voters at their word that they are or will be permanent residents.
One big, happy family: Residents of Lehi have been invited to a Republican rally today featuring Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr., Sen. Orrin Hatch, Republican congressional candidate LaVar Christensen and other GOP candidates and elected officials.

There would be nothing unusual about that except the invitation was sent by the mayor of Lehi on Lehi stationery using the Lehi City Corp. mailing address and mailed using Lehi's discount postage stamp.

The back of the flier features a letter from Lehi Mayor Howard Johnson urging residents to vote for a proposed sales tax increase to pay for mass transit in Utah County.

Johnson says he sent the letter out on his own because he couldn't get the City Council to go along with him on the sales tax letter. He used the Lehi City return address but says he is paying for all the expenses, including postage, from his personal account.

So it just appears the city of Lehi is a subsidiary of the Utah Republican Party.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Copy of my 'comment' regarding this story on

digg - The Students Got Kerry's Joke, Why Don't You?: "by daggett just now

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9:42 PM 11/1/2006

***NOTE: I've edited my 'comment' slightly from what I posted at

As a Navy veteran myself I'm ashamed that some veterans are so quick to "Swiftboat" another who had the courage to put his life on the line for his country, unlike those currently occuping the White House who evaded the draft with all their might, but safely sit in the White House ordering others into harms way.

I stand by veterans like Max Cleland, who is another victim of the despicable 'Swiftboat Veterans' liars, who sees clearly the lowly tactics the GOP sinks to and has stated his support of John Kerry on this latest attempt by the GOP to distort a political rival's statement .

Everyone *should* know that anyone's (yours, mine, Kerry's, the President's...) words can be taken different ways unless you take special care in choosing them, AND unless you take special care to put them into context with the entire statement.
It's just way too easy to play tricks and distort someone's statement if you care to (and the MEDIA doesn't do it's JOB by investigating and exposing the distortion(s)).

They did the same thing to a Republican challenger, Senator John McCain, showing that they are willing to trash [their own party's] war heros when it serves them!

It's hard to believe that some people are [still] willing to believe the lies and dishonest distortions from the GOP that are *obvious* partisan rhetoric to the majority of Americans [now].

It's a sad state of affairs when politicians have to be so careful of their words being twisted that they won't want to speak unless it's 'canned' and checked for all the possible ways their words can be 'spun'.

Thankfully (I don't mean that I'm glad that we had to go through all that we have), the majority of Americans have seen first-hand what the GOP does when it gets total dominance over the opposing party, and they've rejected it* as Un-American and definitely NOT how our system was meant to work.

Like the title of this digg says, "The students got Kerry's joke, why don't you?"

Maybe it's the fact that some people can plainly see that our current president is an unintelligent doof who slacked his way though college, has close to 0% intellect and poor leadership skills, and some are still blind to it (and his other obvious ethical flaws like lying to the American people).

The fact that so many commenting here can't (or WON"T) see that, speaks directly to [their] intelligence, their ability to detect BS, and their own morals.

Granted, the GOP 'brains' are accomplished liars and distorters of reality (as they've admonished others for 'reality-based' thinking in the political arena), but after a while the public realizes the disconnect between what the GOP says and the [reality] on the ground.

[They] are actively working to split this country apart by political lines, and it's 'too bad' if you're on the wrong side of that line (even if you ARE on their side, eh McCain?).
As far as I'm concerned we're ALL Americans, and those courageous men and women serving our country aren't just serving one party but every single American. And it's OK, no, it's our DUTY as Americans to speak out if we believe that their/our government is on the wrong course.

If you think about it there are some similarities between this and what's going on in Iraq. The dead terrorist Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi worked to split Iraq down religious and political lines, and although I don't believe the GOP wants to throw the US into civil war, the end result makes America weaker.
"Together We Stand, Divided We Fall", remember?

One of the most important things Iraqi people (and Americans) need to do is to think or their COUNTRY first and put their political and religous differences second (or third...)!

I pray that it won't take another major terrorist attack to remind us that we're ALL Americans, and that we need to work TOGETHER, instead of against our fellow Americans.
And WHEN that attack comes, and it will, despite the absurd claims by the GOP that *they* are the only ones that can protect America, WHAT will be their excuse then? THEY had *all* the power, but be assured that it won't be THEIR fault.
No, they always act like a child who gets caught red-handed, but still continues to blame someone else.

Finally, I agree that Kerry should just cool it for now, even though I agree with his statement to the students (who [also] GOT the joke), the hypocrisy of the GOP and their supporters to jump all over a statement by Kerry, but refuse to say anything when Bush mangles the english language every time he speaks, or when assholes like Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Savage, or the "Coultergeist"(Ann Coulter) spew their verbal bile.
Many people have made a good living during the last six years publishing books and calendars FULL of 'Bushisms'. (Bush is SUCH an embarassment for our country).
I want to hear more from people like Barack Obama, (Gen.)Wes Clark, John Conyers, John Murtha, and the "Fighting Dems".
WHY won't the [supposedly] "liberal media" give these American Veterans who are running for office more time?
WHY doesn't the DNC put them 'Front and Center'?
I was VERY impressed when I saw them [briefly] on C-SPAN!

Currently this country's foreign policy is like a car barelling down the road at 90 miles an hour IN THE WRONG DIRECTION (with a chimp at the wheel)!
Someone has to tell the driver to slow down and change course!
Actually, someone needs to stop the car, have the driver arrested for reckless endangerment (among other things), and get America's car back on the road going in a different direction.

*Corruption, the Republican leadership protecting Republicans that pray on teenagers working for them, lying to the American people on so many issues, the greatest being the lies about Iraq to get the US Congress and public behind their foolish war (before the job in Afghanistan was anywhere near finished) , not being able to admit mistakes and "Staying the Course" in Iraq despite calls from former (GOP included) diplomats and politicians to rethink their *obviously* failed tactics and plans.