Thursday, October 26, 2006

Where have all the *decent* Republicans gone?

Silvio O. Conte: Information from

Silvio O. Conte was one of the few Republicans in my experience with character and integrity deserving of my respect.

I grew up in Western Massachusetts and recall nothing but praise for Silvio O. Conte from my parents (who are/were lifelong Democrats, my father being a Protestant minister). He always seemed to be travelling around Western Mass. in his mobile office making himself available to his constituants.
There *must* be some decent Republicans left in Washington who are, however silently, embarrassed (at the least) for what their party has become. Enough so that they will begin to rethink their associations, and goals of dominance over the other party, in favor of what the founders wanted.

A system with checks and balances, and no one party with absolute power. [That] just splits the country and disenfranchises the party(ies) not in power, breeding ill-will and discontent, and making it much harder to regain parity (unless the party in power screws-up so bad the voters toss them out on their butts, but that could never happen right?).

In this case it's looking like the Republican party is destroying [itself]...hmmmm, what's the old saying about 'absolute power'....? Oh yeah, it CORRUPTS!

'Trust us, we know what's best for you.'

'Don't worry, just be happy!'

But don't challenge our *truth* or we'll label you a traitor!

Well, even the easy-going American general public (who get the entirety of their political knowledge from 30-60 mins. of local/national "news" each day, if that, and what they've heard from their friends) can't miss all the scandals, and that thing..... oh yeah, the WAR (that's keeping us SAFE, uh-huh, tell that to our [former] European friends)!


It's more like 'I'm sending [your] kids over there to give their lives for _______ (fill in the latest excuse) so we're not attacked over , here?
Yeah, that's the ticket!

That's a great line, right up to the next terrorist attack (here).

FYI: That's Karl Rove and the GOP's greatest fear. You could say that they have an *additional* reason to fear a terrorist attack here at home, their empty promise that they (the GOP and ONLY the GOP) can protect us** would be shown for what it truly is, another baseless claim.

**I just heard someone in the background asking "But who'll protect us from THEM?" Good question...

So, are there any Republicans like Silvio O. Conte willing to stand up like men and have the guts and strength to fight to bring their* party back to what is best for America, instead of certain special interests?


I know the rest of the world can't wait. They want the previous USA back, imperfect though it may have been. They don't like *this* America. They want us, as the sole "superpower" left in the world to wield our power responsibly. Nobody likes a bully, and George Bush's 'my way or the highway' foreign policy makes people reluctant to help us (at best), and mainly seems to piss countries off (understandably in most cases).

How about Republicans and Democrats working TOGETHER for a change? We're in a huge mess, militarily and diplomatically and we need all of our oars in the water (and going the same direction) to make headway. That means compromise on both sides (as it should be) and strong, competent LEADERS at the top (who aren't afraid to admit any mistakes made, and change direction when the situation dictates).


Traditional Republicans!
Stand up and make yourselves heard. You know it's the right thing to do. You know that what's taken place in the last six years has been the wrong way to go about the people's business, and definitely NOT what our founding fathers wanted. The only way things will ever get better is by working together. It's in your job description.

You wouldn't want to be 'let go' would you?

The *world* will thank us.

*BOTH parties need to give more consideration [back] to their bosses (Remember us? We pay for your salaries and perks, and some of us elected you) and less to (in many cases their former colleagues) lobbyists.


Hey, it made sense to me when I wrote it!

One more reason to *continue* boycotting ABC/Disney

Think Progress » ABC News Director To O’Reilly: Media Has Liberal Bias And ‘We’ve Got To Fix That’

The following is a copy of the comment I posted (on this article) at

Note: Regardless of your political preference, posting comments that are misspelled really hurts your argument... and I'm not talking about occasional typos.

If you can't spell, at least you can fake it by using spellcheck!
Now on the topic at hand, this latest news out of ABC (for me) is just one more reason to *continue* boycotting ABC/Disney.

If this clown wants to perpetuate the "liberal media" myth fine, but not without paying the consequences such as boycotts of their businesses *and* being publicly exposed as a tool of the conservative liars party.

These clowns (including Rush, Savage, Hannity, Bill'O, and the rest) have more in common with bullies in a school lunch room than mature adults.
The immature, malevolent, and always innacurate rantings of the Bush apologists are obvious for those with a brain, a heart, and knowledge of current events.

Now regarding the bleating sack of ______ (you can fill in your favorite term of endearment) Rush Limbaugh....

After hearing about, then seeing his unforgiveable attack on Michael J. Fox, my first reaction was "oh how I'd like to have 2 minutes alone with this bastard" (I'm sure that I'm not the only one, eh?).
Well it's now a day later, and after his defiant 'non-apology' I must say that the feeling has only gotten stronger.
Of course that's not an option (for me), although if I *heard* about someone assaulting him I'd have to say that [head]Rush probably got what he deserved.
Of course, violence is not the way to solve problems, but I do have to admit that there is a part of me that would enjoy seeing him have his jaw broken (then permanently wired shut).

I have to assume that he's beefed-up his personal security since then (maybe he's using Bill O'Really's [imaginary] Fox security team?) but I'd bet that he's looking over his shoulder even more than usual after this latest a$$burst.

Even for an assclown like Limbaugh, this is a *new* low for the reich-wingers...
What's next Rush, making fun of people with deformities, the blind/deaf?

Has anyone from the 'right' come out and publicly called Limbaugh on this?
..and *why* isn't the "liberal media" all over this, eh?

Are these adults or overgrown schoolchildren?
That little sh!t Tucker Carlson and his producer/sidekick were making fun of someone the other day and I thought to myself, is what they have to offer, and what *kind* of human being listens to this (and continues to tune in)?

Juvenile put-downs and making fun of others is much of what many of the conservative blowhards have to offer (oh, and helping to push the conservative agenda [of lies and half-truths] by being Bush apologists and repeating the WH's talking points).

Too bad Tucker isn't more like Margaret Carlson (no relation). She seems so thoughtful and good. Tucker Carlson, not so much. He's just another willing tool for the evil known as the Republican party (as we currently know it).

This latest example of sub-human thinking from Rush Limbaugh is the most disgusting example of conservative BS since the GOP's 'swiftboating' of war veterans (who actually had the guts to put their LIVES on the line for their country) like Max Cleland, John McCain (yes, they'll eat their own in pursuit of power), John Kerry, etc..

Is there a depth that the GOP can sink to below this latest example by Limbaugh?
Well, there's close to two weeks left, and what I'm seeing is desperation (with a capital "D") on the GOP's part.

Nothing it seems is too distasteful or beneath them [to try] at this point.
Their plan for victory seems to consist of lies about their opposition and general FUD*.

They're trying to run on the economy ('Greed is GOOD', and 'Don't pay any attention to the trillion dollar deficit behind the curtain'), but that's not gaining any 'traction' compared to the war, all the Republican scandals, and idiots like Limbaugh making fun of one of America's beloved actors (and a genuinely good man) Michael J. Fox.

That's ALL the GOP has to offer America, scandals, lies and FUD!

*Fear, Uncertaintity, and Doubt.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The author of this article is a lazy IDIOT!

Businesses Embracing Firefox As The Other Browser - Windows News by InformationWeek: "The increase is likely driven by employee demand for Firefox, which can be deployed without disruption to other desktop applications, Wilcox said. Workers apparently have found the browser's features, which include the popular tabbed browsing, more useful than the older Internet Explorer 6 from Microsoft Corp.

The feature gap, however, has vanished with the release out of beta this week of Internet Explorer 7. But few businesses are expected to deploy the browser upgrade until they install Vista, Microsoft's major Windows upgrade that's set for release to businesses in November."
The author of this article is either ignorant or stupid (you decide).
He seems to imply that because IE now has 'tabs' it's equal to Firefox. That's a load of crap. I've downloaded and installed IE7 with no problems during the install, but that didn't last long. The first thing I noticed is that if I minimize the window before letting the window draw/open fully, I can't get the window to open from the toolbar.
Nothing happens if I either click or dbl-click the toolbar icon (for the open program), and you get nothing (open-close-minimize) if you R-click the icon either!
I had to close the program down using the Task Manager!
Second, the few 'add-ons' (compare to Firefox's 'extensions') available are no comparison to the excellent extensions that are available for Firefox, the most important (to me) being "NoScript" that blocks scripts until [I] allow them.
The following quote from the article is bullshit: "The feature gap, however, has vanished with the release out of beta this week of Internet Explorer 7.".
This crap journalism pisses me off, for one because many mainstream journalists have been disparaging the blogosphere for not having journalistic 'standards'... Well, this major publication's editor(s) let this load of crap out for public consumption. Granted it's not as bad as the entire MSM letting the Bush administration BS them AND the public into a WAR (without challenging their statements), but it's the same journalistic laziness contributing to both. And BOTH contribute to a poor product, neither serving their audience as they're supposed to.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Copy of my post at Think Progress regarding Chris Wallace's biased reporting

The following is a copy of my post here at the Think Progress web site:

1. Regarding the font size, try "Ctrl +". It takes a split second to increase the size of the font.


Try my setup. I use Firefox and a nice little 'extension' called "NoSquint". It allows you to set an overall (global) text percentage (mine's at 120%), then you can also have settings for individual web sites (like this site or Daily Kos) if you like.

It's a great help for those with 'older' eyes, or anyone who finds the type on certain web sites hard to read.

2. This was a test* of Chris Wallace's (and Fox News') journalistic INTEGRITY.

Yes, I know they (Chris Wallace AND Fox News) don't have any. They are part of the group that thinks that 'reality' in political news coverage (and politics in general) is for wimps.
The GOP (and their propoganda wing Fox News along with the other MSM 'enablers') seems to be working with the philosophy of "Perception is the [new] Reality".

Now without getting into the [true] philisophical argument of perception and reality (I believe that perception IS reality, although as your knowledge changes so should [your] reality), I believe that Rove and his minions use the public's ignorance on many/most issues to create their own reality (so far as their 'less than informed' (a kinder way of saying "ignorant") viewers/listeners know).

Sort of like "What they don't know won't hurt [us]"....
(to hell with what's right or what's truly best for our Country and our Constitution I gather).

Well my good people of the United States of America, we can't live and prosper (not to mention being the role model most of the world had come to respect) while living in a fantasy world created by Karl Rove and unchallenged by 99% of the MSM!

The raw power of this country has to be tempered with mature leaders who realize that along with great power comes great responsibility, and just because we CAN do something doesn't mean that we SHOULD!

Our current 'leaders' obviously don't subscribe to that judicious use of power. To the contrary, they seem to be giving the rest of the world (or at least those who disagree with our policies) the middle finger, and saying to them "if you don't like it, TOUGH!"

That's a heck of a foreign policy there George...
Way to bring people together...

Maybe instead of reading "My Pet Goat", King George and his foreign policy team should all read "How to Win Friends and Influence People" (maybe someone could read it [to] George).

I'm starting to see a few cracks in the MSM's reporting of what to this point has been mostly a free ride to this administration. Not much mind you, but some.
At times I wonder if [they] know the 'truth' and ignore it, or are they guilty of lazy journalism?

Those of us who are fairly informed citizens are outraged when we see politicians interviewed, and are allowed to repeat false claims without any challenge whatsoever from the interviewer.
Doesn't this go against everything journalism is supposed to stand for?
And what ever happened to the "Who-What-Where-When and Why" rule of news reporting?
I see it all the time, especially on the [so-called] 24-hour news cable channels. Most of the time you might get 2-3 of the five, but most of the time I'm left saying to myself "But wait, what about ..."(fill in the blank).

In closing, Chris Wallace should be considered [one of] the posterboys/girls for bad journalism.
My limited vocabulary and writing skills don't do justice to this situation I'm afaid, but I have faith that those without my limitations will continue on this topic and somehow get through to those who somehow still believe in this administration's propoganda and who don't realize that much of the 'news' that they get (mostly through the cable/broadcast networks MSM) is either wrong or at best

Note: I regularly urge people to regularly visit web sites like "Media Matters for America" to realize all the news that they're NOT getting. Most of those people had no idea how much crap they were being fed, and considered themselves fairly well-informed.

It's nearly a full time job to keep yourself informed to the point where you can tell if the talking head is doing their job and leaving the viewers with the correct impression.
Unfortunately 99+% of the time my feeling is NO, viewers were NOT left with the actual facts. More often than not viewers are left with false impressions or outright propoganda provided by those who speak for this administration.
Journalists are SUPPOSED to be skeptical and not take things on face value, but VERIFY statements before reporting them as factual.

When I was much younger (and had more brain cells) I thought I wanted to become a photojournalist/reporter.
That idea died when the MSM decided to help the 'Let's get the Clintons' witch hunt to the detriment of the actual important issues of the time.
On the other hand, honorable journalists (with integrity) are desperately needed as much as we've ever needed them.
I'd like to believe that journalism schools ARE teaching independent thinking, fact-checking, healthy skepticism, and keeping personal beliefs OUT of ther reporting.
So what is happening when these graduates go to work for outfits like CNN-MSNBC-and the like (God knows why people go to work for the likes of Fox News Channel when it's notorious for biased reporting)? Do they put what they've been taught aside because of their editor/bosses agenda?

All I know is that most of the time the 'product' that's provided to inform the public, supposedly in an unbiased manner (doing the job that journalism in a free society is supposed to do) is defective.

If only news outlets provided a 'warranty' for their 'product'.
The public is sopposed to be able to TRUST that the 'news' they're presented is factual and unbiased.
Most MSM news channels should be sued on the basis that
they have breached that trust.

Sorry for the long post, but it's a disturbing subject, and once I get started I have a LOT to say.

*Is there something lower than an "F" that we can grade his/their 'integrity' with?
Hopefully with a "U" for "Unacceptable to the American people"?