Thursday, October 26, 2006

One more reason to *continue* boycotting ABC/Disney

Think Progress » ABC News Director To O’Reilly: Media Has Liberal Bias And ‘We’ve Got To Fix That’

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Now on the topic at hand, this latest news out of ABC (for me) is just one more reason to *continue* boycotting ABC/Disney.

If this clown wants to perpetuate the "liberal media" myth fine, but not without paying the consequences such as boycotts of their businesses *and* being publicly exposed as a tool of the conservative liars party.

These clowns (including Rush, Savage, Hannity, Bill'O, and the rest) have more in common with bullies in a school lunch room than mature adults.
The immature, malevolent, and always innacurate rantings of the Bush apologists are obvious for those with a brain, a heart, and knowledge of current events.

Now regarding the bleating sack of ______ (you can fill in your favorite term of endearment) Rush Limbaugh....

After hearing about, then seeing his unforgiveable attack on Michael J. Fox, my first reaction was "oh how I'd like to have 2 minutes alone with this bastard" (I'm sure that I'm not the only one, eh?).
Well it's now a day later, and after his defiant 'non-apology' I must say that the feeling has only gotten stronger.
Of course that's not an option (for me), although if I *heard* about someone assaulting him I'd have to say that [head]Rush probably got what he deserved.
Of course, violence is not the way to solve problems, but I do have to admit that there is a part of me that would enjoy seeing him have his jaw broken (then permanently wired shut).

I have to assume that he's beefed-up his personal security since then (maybe he's using Bill O'Really's [imaginary] Fox security team?) but I'd bet that he's looking over his shoulder even more than usual after this latest a$$burst.

Even for an assclown like Limbaugh, this is a *new* low for the reich-wingers...
What's next Rush, making fun of people with deformities, the blind/deaf?

Has anyone from the 'right' come out and publicly called Limbaugh on this?
..and *why* isn't the "liberal media" all over this, eh?

Are these adults or overgrown schoolchildren?
That little sh!t Tucker Carlson and his producer/sidekick were making fun of someone the other day and I thought to myself, is what they have to offer, and what *kind* of human being listens to this (and continues to tune in)?

Juvenile put-downs and making fun of others is much of what many of the conservative blowhards have to offer (oh, and helping to push the conservative agenda [of lies and half-truths] by being Bush apologists and repeating the WH's talking points).

Too bad Tucker isn't more like Margaret Carlson (no relation). She seems so thoughtful and good. Tucker Carlson, not so much. He's just another willing tool for the evil known as the Republican party (as we currently know it).

This latest example of sub-human thinking from Rush Limbaugh is the most disgusting example of conservative BS since the GOP's 'swiftboating' of war veterans (who actually had the guts to put their LIVES on the line for their country) like Max Cleland, John McCain (yes, they'll eat their own in pursuit of power), John Kerry, etc..

Is there a depth that the GOP can sink to below this latest example by Limbaugh?
Well, there's close to two weeks left, and what I'm seeing is desperation (with a capital "D") on the GOP's part.

Nothing it seems is too distasteful or beneath them [to try] at this point.
Their plan for victory seems to consist of lies about their opposition and general FUD*.

They're trying to run on the economy ('Greed is GOOD', and 'Don't pay any attention to the trillion dollar deficit behind the curtain'), but that's not gaining any 'traction' compared to the war, all the Republican scandals, and idiots like Limbaugh making fun of one of America's beloved actors (and a genuinely good man) Michael J. Fox.

That's ALL the GOP has to offer America, scandals, lies and FUD!

*Fear, Uncertaintity, and Doubt.

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