Saturday, October 21, 2006

The author of this article is a lazy IDIOT!

Businesses Embracing Firefox As The Other Browser - Windows News by InformationWeek: "The increase is likely driven by employee demand for Firefox, which can be deployed without disruption to other desktop applications, Wilcox said. Workers apparently have found the browser's features, which include the popular tabbed browsing, more useful than the older Internet Explorer 6 from Microsoft Corp.

The feature gap, however, has vanished with the release out of beta this week of Internet Explorer 7. But few businesses are expected to deploy the browser upgrade until they install Vista, Microsoft's major Windows upgrade that's set for release to businesses in November."
The author of this article is either ignorant or stupid (you decide).
He seems to imply that because IE now has 'tabs' it's equal to Firefox. That's a load of crap. I've downloaded and installed IE7 with no problems during the install, but that didn't last long. The first thing I noticed is that if I minimize the window before letting the window draw/open fully, I can't get the window to open from the toolbar.
Nothing happens if I either click or dbl-click the toolbar icon (for the open program), and you get nothing (open-close-minimize) if you R-click the icon either!
I had to close the program down using the Task Manager!
Second, the few 'add-ons' (compare to Firefox's 'extensions') available are no comparison to the excellent extensions that are available for Firefox, the most important (to me) being "NoScript" that blocks scripts until [I] allow them.
The following quote from the article is bullshit: "The feature gap, however, has vanished with the release out of beta this week of Internet Explorer 7.".
This crap journalism pisses me off, for one because many mainstream journalists have been disparaging the blogosphere for not having journalistic 'standards'... Well, this major publication's editor(s) let this load of crap out for public consumption. Granted it's not as bad as the entire MSM letting the Bush administration BS them AND the public into a WAR (without challenging their statements), but it's the same journalistic laziness contributing to both. And BOTH contribute to a poor product, neither serving their audience as they're supposed to.

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