Sunday, October 15, 2006

Copy of my post at Think Progress regarding Chris Wallace's biased reporting

The following is a copy of my post here at the Think Progress web site:

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2. This was a test* of Chris Wallace's (and Fox News') journalistic INTEGRITY.

Yes, I know they (Chris Wallace AND Fox News) don't have any. They are part of the group that thinks that 'reality' in political news coverage (and politics in general) is for wimps.
The GOP (and their propoganda wing Fox News along with the other MSM 'enablers') seems to be working with the philosophy of "Perception is the [new] Reality".

Now without getting into the [true] philisophical argument of perception and reality (I believe that perception IS reality, although as your knowledge changes so should [your] reality), I believe that Rove and his minions use the public's ignorance on many/most issues to create their own reality (so far as their 'less than informed' (a kinder way of saying "ignorant") viewers/listeners know).

Sort of like "What they don't know won't hurt [us]"....
(to hell with what's right or what's truly best for our Country and our Constitution I gather).

Well my good people of the United States of America, we can't live and prosper (not to mention being the role model most of the world had come to respect) while living in a fantasy world created by Karl Rove and unchallenged by 99% of the MSM!

The raw power of this country has to be tempered with mature leaders who realize that along with great power comes great responsibility, and just because we CAN do something doesn't mean that we SHOULD!

Our current 'leaders' obviously don't subscribe to that judicious use of power. To the contrary, they seem to be giving the rest of the world (or at least those who disagree with our policies) the middle finger, and saying to them "if you don't like it, TOUGH!"

That's a heck of a foreign policy there George...
Way to bring people together...

Maybe instead of reading "My Pet Goat", King George and his foreign policy team should all read "How to Win Friends and Influence People" (maybe someone could read it [to] George).

I'm starting to see a few cracks in the MSM's reporting of what to this point has been mostly a free ride to this administration. Not much mind you, but some.
At times I wonder if [they] know the 'truth' and ignore it, or are they guilty of lazy journalism?

Those of us who are fairly informed citizens are outraged when we see politicians interviewed, and are allowed to repeat false claims without any challenge whatsoever from the interviewer.
Doesn't this go against everything journalism is supposed to stand for?
And what ever happened to the "Who-What-Where-When and Why" rule of news reporting?
I see it all the time, especially on the [so-called] 24-hour news cable channels. Most of the time you might get 2-3 of the five, but most of the time I'm left saying to myself "But wait, what about ..."(fill in the blank).

In closing, Chris Wallace should be considered [one of] the posterboys/girls for bad journalism.
My limited vocabulary and writing skills don't do justice to this situation I'm afaid, but I have faith that those without my limitations will continue on this topic and somehow get through to those who somehow still believe in this administration's propoganda and who don't realize that much of the 'news' that they get (mostly through the cable/broadcast networks MSM) is either wrong or at best

Note: I regularly urge people to regularly visit web sites like "Media Matters for America" to realize all the news that they're NOT getting. Most of those people had no idea how much crap they were being fed, and considered themselves fairly well-informed.

It's nearly a full time job to keep yourself informed to the point where you can tell if the talking head is doing their job and leaving the viewers with the correct impression.
Unfortunately 99+% of the time my feeling is NO, viewers were NOT left with the actual facts. More often than not viewers are left with false impressions or outright propoganda provided by those who speak for this administration.
Journalists are SUPPOSED to be skeptical and not take things on face value, but VERIFY statements before reporting them as factual.

When I was much younger (and had more brain cells) I thought I wanted to become a photojournalist/reporter.
That idea died when the MSM decided to help the 'Let's get the Clintons' witch hunt to the detriment of the actual important issues of the time.
On the other hand, honorable journalists (with integrity) are desperately needed as much as we've ever needed them.
I'd like to believe that journalism schools ARE teaching independent thinking, fact-checking, healthy skepticism, and keeping personal beliefs OUT of ther reporting.
So what is happening when these graduates go to work for outfits like CNN-MSNBC-and the like (God knows why people go to work for the likes of Fox News Channel when it's notorious for biased reporting)? Do they put what they've been taught aside because of their editor/bosses agenda?

All I know is that most of the time the 'product' that's provided to inform the public, supposedly in an unbiased manner (doing the job that journalism in a free society is supposed to do) is defective.

If only news outlets provided a 'warranty' for their 'product'.
The public is sopposed to be able to TRUST that the 'news' they're presented is factual and unbiased.
Most MSM news channels should be sued on the basis that
they have breached that trust.

Sorry for the long post, but it's a disturbing subject, and once I get started I have a LOT to say.

*Is there something lower than an "F" that we can grade his/their 'integrity' with?
Hopefully with a "U" for "Unacceptable to the American people"?

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