Thursday, October 26, 2006

Where have all the *decent* Republicans gone?

Silvio O. Conte: Information from

Silvio O. Conte was one of the few Republicans in my experience with character and integrity deserving of my respect.

I grew up in Western Massachusetts and recall nothing but praise for Silvio O. Conte from my parents (who are/were lifelong Democrats, my father being a Protestant minister). He always seemed to be travelling around Western Mass. in his mobile office making himself available to his constituants.
There *must* be some decent Republicans left in Washington who are, however silently, embarrassed (at the least) for what their party has become. Enough so that they will begin to rethink their associations, and goals of dominance over the other party, in favor of what the founders wanted.

A system with checks and balances, and no one party with absolute power. [That] just splits the country and disenfranchises the party(ies) not in power, breeding ill-will and discontent, and making it much harder to regain parity (unless the party in power screws-up so bad the voters toss them out on their butts, but that could never happen right?).

In this case it's looking like the Republican party is destroying [itself]...hmmmm, what's the old saying about 'absolute power'....? Oh yeah, it CORRUPTS!

'Trust us, we know what's best for you.'

'Don't worry, just be happy!'

But don't challenge our *truth* or we'll label you a traitor!

Well, even the easy-going American general public (who get the entirety of their political knowledge from 30-60 mins. of local/national "news" each day, if that, and what they've heard from their friends) can't miss all the scandals, and that thing..... oh yeah, the WAR (that's keeping us SAFE, uh-huh, tell that to our [former] European friends)!


It's more like 'I'm sending [your] kids over there to give their lives for _______ (fill in the latest excuse) so we're not attacked over , here?
Yeah, that's the ticket!

That's a great line, right up to the next terrorist attack (here).

FYI: That's Karl Rove and the GOP's greatest fear. You could say that they have an *additional* reason to fear a terrorist attack here at home, their empty promise that they (the GOP and ONLY the GOP) can protect us** would be shown for what it truly is, another baseless claim.

**I just heard someone in the background asking "But who'll protect us from THEM?" Good question...

So, are there any Republicans like Silvio O. Conte willing to stand up like men and have the guts and strength to fight to bring their* party back to what is best for America, instead of certain special interests?


I know the rest of the world can't wait. They want the previous USA back, imperfect though it may have been. They don't like *this* America. They want us, as the sole "superpower" left in the world to wield our power responsibly. Nobody likes a bully, and George Bush's 'my way or the highway' foreign policy makes people reluctant to help us (at best), and mainly seems to piss countries off (understandably in most cases).

How about Republicans and Democrats working TOGETHER for a change? We're in a huge mess, militarily and diplomatically and we need all of our oars in the water (and going the same direction) to make headway. That means compromise on both sides (as it should be) and strong, competent LEADERS at the top (who aren't afraid to admit any mistakes made, and change direction when the situation dictates).


Traditional Republicans!
Stand up and make yourselves heard. You know it's the right thing to do. You know that what's taken place in the last six years has been the wrong way to go about the people's business, and definitely NOT what our founding fathers wanted. The only way things will ever get better is by working together. It's in your job description.

You wouldn't want to be 'let go' would you?

The *world* will thank us.

*BOTH parties need to give more consideration [back] to their bosses (Remember us? We pay for your salaries and perks, and some of us elected you) and less to (in many cases their former colleagues) lobbyists.


Hey, it made sense to me when I wrote it!

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