Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Amazing what scum the Republican party attracts...

Republican Congressional Candidate Hopes Katrina Victims Don't Move Back... | The Huffington Post

I often wonder exactly what percentage of Republicans have gone to the 'dark side'.
Did they sell their souls to gain the majority? Is that why many of them seem so hell-bent (pun intended) on grabbing all the power and loot they can while they're temporarily on top?

Monday, September 26, 2005

I wonder if Cheney had anything to do with this.

AOL News - Maker of Bulletproof Vest May Face Charges

I wonder if Cheney had anything to do with this. ("..but Vice President Cheney, why do you insist on wearing your old vest when the new vests were your idea?") [j/k]

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Well said Sharon Olds!

No Place for a Poet at a Banquet of Shame

I'd say that this letter should give Laura Bush something to think about.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Is there any way Bush can be prevented from making any more appointments?

How many times does he have to totally screw-up before the American people say "NO MORE!" ?

From nominating the most outrageous candidates for Judges, to appointing someone with absolutely no credentials or experience like Brown to head a critical department like FEMA, president Bush has proven that he'd rather appoint political 'friends' than people with actual experience and strong credentials.
I guess Bush never learned about 'ethics' and 'responsibility'. He probably skipped class those days.

Can America afford this?

Now he's named Karl Rove to head the Katrina reconstruction efforts.

Experience = NONE

Danger of corruption/cronyism = GREAT

I don't know if others see the same thing I do when Bush speaks, but 99.9% of the time the look on his face says 'CLUELESS'.....

Could you imagine what would happen if Bush had to face questioning like Tony Blair does in England?
He'd wet himself. He has neither the intelect, nor the ability to think on his feet, and I'd just love to see it. Even WITH an earpiece prompting him....
As it is, whenever he's out for a photo-op or pushing his plan to ruin social security, the audiences are hand picked, and it's assured that nobody will ask him anything that he hasn't been 'prepped' for.

I know it's a lot to ask (seeing as half the country re-elected the liar), but isn't it becoming obvious to even the most gullible Americans that his choices can't be trusted?
He's taken us from a budget surplus to a huge deficit, given away billions of our tax dollars to the richest Americans and corporations that don't need it like the Oil & Gas industry (who are now making such huge profits they're buying up shares of their own stock), taken America into an unecessary war, trashed our international reputation, and is now making more bad decisions that are costing more American lives and placing a huge financial burden on the next generation.

How much more can we take people?

PS: Let's not forget about Darfur, Tom Delay, Halliburton, PlameGate, and a hundred other issues I can't recall at the moment.

This couldn't happen in America, right?

Uzbekistan: Where journalism is branded terrorism - Editorials & Commentary - International Herald Tribune

If you replace the words "Uzbek state" for "Rush Limbaugh and the gang of right-wing attack dogs", and make this reporter American, this could have been taken from today's news.

These days there are so many parallels to what goes on in places like Russia (and some of the former Soviet satellites), and Bush administration's actions, it's scary. The "uber" secrecy, the denials, the corruption/cronyism, et al..

I'm not saying that this administration would actually do what Uzbekistan's doing, but I'd bet that they would if they thought they could get away with it.

What's more important, your name on a 'bridge to nowhere', or helping your country?

Daily Kos: Compassionate Conservatism at work

I've been waiting to see what the response from the politicians from Alaska would be when the question of returning the pork dollars they received from the Federal Highway Bill.

We now know what Rep. Don Young, the Alaska Republican who is chairman of the transportation committee thinks of the idea.

I heard the other day that some folks in Washington were talking about making cuts to the budget to help pay for the Katrina disaster. I think that's a good idea, but not in the areas that were mentioned, like drug benefits to seniors. The budget was bad enough as it is with not enough money going where it's badly needed, and far too much going where it's NOT needed.

Take a second and think of the federal budget as your household budget. If you budget money for a trip to Vegas, and then a tree falls on your roof, you cut the trip to Vegas out and fix your roof (unless you've got a lot of extra money, which you/we don't).

How damned irresponsible and selfish IS Rep. Don Young?

Pork projects should never be acceptable unless the government is running a surplus, and even then, two $200+ million bridges to serve under a hundred people looks like the 'Hogzilla' of pork projects.

Rep. Don Young of Alaska, stop acting like a spoiled child and do the right thing.
And that goes for any other politician unwilling to give up his/her pork project(s)!

Monday, September 05, 2005

President Bush, why have you made such disasterous appointments ?

Think Progress » “One of the Worst Abandonments of Americans on American Soil Ever”

I challenge anyone with a heart to read this/watch the Meet the Press episode, and not feel the pain, anger, and helplessness of the locals trying to do their best despite having to deal with Federal officials with their heads up their asses.

While the White House damage control tries to deflect criticism towards FEMA, please remember who's responsible for appointing the director Michael Brown. Look at his "credentials" for the job.
Tell me, how does the President choose this guy over of all the people who could have been considered?

Maybe I'm missing something, but the ONLY reason I can think of for hiring someone with his lack of experience is political.
The only other explanation is complete incompetence on the part of the person responsible for choosing him.
(If you think about it, it's the incompetent, hiring the incompetent!)

Just look at all the people chosen by this President for important positions in his administration. They haven't been people the majority could agree on, for the most part they've been outrageous "in your face" type appointments.

So childish many of these Right-Wingers are (as Yoda might say..).
Kind of reminds me of a 2nd in command who gets temporary command and acts like a "Frank Burns" from M*A*S*H. (GW and Frank Burns, 'separated at birth'? OR 'Twin Sons of Different Mothers?)

Half the time while watching C-SPAN I expect to see some Senator stick his/her tounge out across the isle and go "Nah, na na na na! We won and you lost. We're in charge, and you can't do anything about it. Nah, na na na na!"

The "chicken's come home to roost" as they say. In other words Mr. President, one of your unqualified appointees has come back to bite you in the ass!

Only an IDIOT would appoint such an unqualified person to such a critical position!

For ONCE Mr President, show some honesty and integrity and admit you made a big mistake in appointing Michael Brown. Replace him NOW. Don't make things worse by rewarding his failure*. Remember that many times throughout history Generals have been replaced during a war because of incompetence that caused great loss of life. Not doing so could have left our country with a very different history than the one we know.

Be a leader for a change. Do the right thing for the right reason, for a change.

I just hope that in every election from now on, the American people see through the web of lies and half-truths the Republican Spinmeisters weave and "do the right thing" for a change. It's a daunting challenge. Your magic is strong. Last election you got so many people to believe outragous lies. You've trashed honorable War Heros like Max Cleland, John McCain, and John Kerry for purely political reasons.

Too bad that same "magic" wasn't brought to bear in Iraq, was it? Talk about 'Clueless in Iraq'.

*In the same way I feel that you Mr. President, should not have been rewarded with a second term after your failures during your first term.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Administrative Notice: Due to "Comment SPAM"...

Well like so many others, I'm starting to receive "Comment Spam"....(#@%!*%^^$!!!)

So I'm turning on the "Word Verification" [option], which means that people who want to leave a comment on my blog have to take a couple of seconds to type the letters they're shown into the small box provided.

Thanks for understanding.

Comment to the Right-Wing Interlopers

Comment to the Right-Wing interlopers our there who troll the progressive web sites, especially the ones who've remarked to me that "you (or "you liberals") seem to have anger issues" (this is usually after they have posted, maybe quoting Drudge [or some equally 'truth-challenged' web site] to support their point, and railed against us liberals):

Though most of you wouldn't admit it, liberals getting angry and pissed off scares you, or at least it should. The true-blue liberals generally (though I try to avoid making generalizations) aren't the kind of people who get angry for any length of time. I think they're much more forgiving people.
But I feel that the battle to help this country get back on track and break the cold grip of calculating right-wing idealogues, tough battles have to be fought.

I'd much rather "go with the flow", because "fighting" against something usually isn't the way, but at times you just have to stand up to evil and things you feel are wrong, especially when you see your country being led down the path of selfishness, secrecy, lies, corruption, and unecessary conflict.

The more liberals getting angry the better I say. And yes, some get mad and make thoughtless angry comments. Some of those comments are just as inane as comments coming from conservatives, but on the whole I think it's just against the "liberal nature" to be as nasty as what we see daily coming from the "other side".

Unfortunately, I think it will take many of us liberals (and intelligent Republicans and Independants) getting angry. Angry enough to DO something about the tragedy that is our current administration and the Republican bullies that have taken over the people's government!

On a side note, I think that it's too bad that ALL of us can't put our country first (along with family), and our political views second or third, behind self interest/self enrichment.

The right-wing attack dogs seems to be SO good at whipping up false anger and blind rage (remind you of other parts of the world?) that it has to be countered by the truth, somehow deprogramming the zombie hoards that pray daily to the American Mullahs like Limbaugh, Hannity, and Roberts.
Frankly it seems like an overwhelming challenge, and some just might have too much "Kool-Aid" in their system to ever see the light, but we have to try. NO, we have to SUCCEED!

But first many Democrats have to overcome their natural instinct to be passive, and HELP FIGHT for a better government!

To be continued........

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Chertoff knows CYA...

Chertoff had both hands firmly planted on his ass today when he spoke to the media.

I don't know if it was the skill with which he covered his butt or "journalists" just not getting the job done, but no reporter really challenged him or his statements.

This kinda how I heard most of it:

We couldn't have foreseen BOTH, of those TWO SEPARATE, did I mention UNFORESEEN? Maybe one, but definitely not two, no, definitely not both together, who could've known?

OK for three, not a four or five...

This was Mother Nature, bad - bad, Mother Nature!*

Follow my chain of consciousness>>>>>>

My Bottom line:

People died that didn't have to. This was case where time is life.....
I look at the aerial shots of submerged houses and I wonder how many of them have people in them who died waiting for help?

As usual, there doesn't seem to have been any ONE "leader" to kick butt and actually show a "sense of urgency" until yesterday, and once he arrived, trucks were rolling into New Orleans within hours. If the President had any decent military training, HE might have done that same thing at the outset, but actions show a lot. His kind words of compassion were welcome I'm sure, but just imagine if we could could go back.....
Back to before the huge tax cut, hell, back before Bonzo went to Washington!

But realistically, back before the cuts to the levee programs slowed things down, or even back to the night the storm hit. So much could have, no SHOULD have been done that night. All the bureaucratic roadblocks and hesitation were left to play out without the leadership necessary to overcome them quickly and expedite the critical decisions.

Again, communications were a MAJOR problem for First Responders....?

I agree with the people saying that they fear the next terror attack more now because of the way this disaster was handled at the beginning.

Now back to Chertoff's press conference.

More interested in covering his and the government's butt, than admitting 'mistakes were made, we learned from them, and we won't make them again'. I'm OK with that, as opposed to how it went down.

It won't bring back the lives of those who died, WAITING for someone, to act, to mobilize all the State and Federal Disaster Search and Rescue Units. To find out exactly what the local Police need 'right now' and get it to them.

To have learned from previous natural disasters and terrorist attacks, and implemented more effective responses, much more so than has been done to date.

Damn it, why can't people's lives be put before wasteful PORK projects and lobbying efforts that may be wonderful for that company (and the politician who "helps", I mean, thinks "it's going to help so many people"), Senator, Congressman, or Trade Group, but take budget dollars away from projects that will ultimately save lives and benefit the majority in many ways.

Pretty much the best that can be hoped for when government screws up and people die, is to ADMIT IT, LEARN from it, and NEVER repeat it.

Am I hoping for too much? Do you want to chalk it to naivete' on my part? I know, I'm not being "realistic" right? Tell that to those who died unnecessarily.... That's right, you can't.

*Maybe Mother Nature AND bad planning and implementation? [trd]

Friday, September 02, 2005

Very cool. A blog from downtown New Orleans (at least until their generator runs out of fuel)

OK, I originally heard about this via a feed from that linked to a story on

Here's a link to the story, and the link [above] takes you to the blog.

This blog is fascinating. The more I read the more amazed I become. Truly an 'insider's' look. And with the police using the building as a staging area, we can gain some news and insight that the MSM just can't compete with. It's amazing.

The people working there must have serious mixed feelings about their 'relative' good fortune when people are dying outside. I sure would.

One question I have is how long can they expect to be allowed to stay there if they do get fuel and provisions? Isn't the city supposed to be totally evacuated at some point?

Either way, the blog should give us a first-hand account, and some inside information of the goings on in the city of New Orleans (and the only business still operating).
And that's without the sensationalistic and repetitive coverage of the MSM.

This blog, along with the blogs ("Baghdad Burning" & "Healing Iraq") that have been coming out of Baghdad give us an unmatched glimpse of life from the inside (even if they haven't been updated for quite a while).

I just had a thought... They must have lighting available, but I doubt very much that it's visible from the outside.
Can you imagine what would happen if they were the only building in the area with some lights on? I'm betting that they're keeping a very low profile.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane Katrina.... Where do I start ?

My first thoughts are of course with the people in need there in the affected areas.
I've been sending them all the positive energy I can, and I just sent the Red Cross the last $23.00 from my checking account.

As far as the local and federal efforts, I know that a lot of people are working selflessly to help and they deserve our respect and support.

That said, I have many questions regarding the contingency plans that were/weren't in place before this disaster struck and the DEADLY delay in reacting to the situation by local AND FEDERAL agencies.

The first being the President's continuing his vacation past the beginning of the the hurricane making landfall. The press spokesman and many of the MSM press (ba-a-a-a-a) made a big deal about the fact that the President "cut his vacation short" to deal with this tragedy. Wow, two days out of a FIVE WEEK VACATION. Now THAT"S dedication for you. How could he be playing golf while people were DYING? I guess that maybe he's used to it now with the WAR and all.

Now as far as contingency plans, this area IS hurricane country. WHY are the police having trouble communicating? They say the backup batteries are failing. Where are these batteries located? At ground level? Shouldn't they be located places like on top of tall buldings? If so, they could be replaced relatively easily. Are they talking about "handheld" radios batteries? Those should be able to be recharged in their patrol cars.
On a side note, I was disgusted to read the first hand report of some police and firefighters JOINING IN THE LOOTING!

Some of the news reminds me of the first days in Iraq after the fall of Baghdad.
The looting, and the delay of the troops to do anything about it until nearly everything was already gone, and no plans beforehand to protect assets like museums, banks, and LITTLE things like weapons depots, including a warehouse full of TONS of high explosives that our military didn't secure!!!

Now that the gun shops have been fully looted (including WAL-Mart, [view pictures]), (NOW??) they say they're starting to bring in National Guard troops to control the looting? There's barely anything left to steal, and they're just now bringing in help...

And surprise, surprise, surprise, as GOMER would say, they've had to stop the helicopter airlifts from the Superdome.....because they're getting SHOT AT!
Go-o-ly sarge, maybe we should have thought of that BEFOREHAND!

Now everyone's seen (and probably joked about) a group of city workers standing around scratching their heads while one guy works, and heard the familiar phrase "too many chiefs, and not enough indians (absolutely no offense to indians meant).
Something similar seems to be happening around the New Orleans area (and inside the beltway).
How much time has to go by/has already gone by before anything is done about the levee breaks flooding the city?

I'll say it again, THIS IS HURRICANE COUNTRY! Why weren't things like sandbags (pre-filled) warehoused in strategic areas?
Was it because this administration/Congress CUT FEDERAL FUNDING ($71.2 million) for things like that?

Our first responders always do a heroic job regardless of the problems created with poor planning, but WHEN are we going to start doing the right thing BEFOREHAND?
WHEN are we going to start putting PEOPLE before the "bottom line"?

I know it's easy to criticize "after the fact", but PLANNING FOR, AND RESPONDING TO DISASTERS is what certain people are paid to do! And when they screw-up PEOPLE can and do DIE....

One final thought, turning people away from the Houston Astrodome who are (in many cases) spending their last dollars staying in motels is heartless, not to mention foolish and unecessary. And speaking of heartless, the business owners who are "gouging" should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and shunned by their communities! At the risk of sounding like Zell Miller ("I wish we lived in the day where you could challenge a person to a duel."), maybe we should bring back the public pillary for a while. I know who I'd vote for to be first in line, how about you?