Sunday, September 04, 2005

Comment to the Right-Wing Interlopers

Comment to the Right-Wing interlopers our there who troll the progressive web sites, especially the ones who've remarked to me that "you (or "you liberals") seem to have anger issues" (this is usually after they have posted, maybe quoting Drudge [or some equally 'truth-challenged' web site] to support their point, and railed against us liberals):

Though most of you wouldn't admit it, liberals getting angry and pissed off scares you, or at least it should. The true-blue liberals generally (though I try to avoid making generalizations) aren't the kind of people who get angry for any length of time. I think they're much more forgiving people.
But I feel that the battle to help this country get back on track and break the cold grip of calculating right-wing idealogues, tough battles have to be fought.

I'd much rather "go with the flow", because "fighting" against something usually isn't the way, but at times you just have to stand up to evil and things you feel are wrong, especially when you see your country being led down the path of selfishness, secrecy, lies, corruption, and unecessary conflict.

The more liberals getting angry the better I say. And yes, some get mad and make thoughtless angry comments. Some of those comments are just as inane as comments coming from conservatives, but on the whole I think it's just against the "liberal nature" to be as nasty as what we see daily coming from the "other side".

Unfortunately, I think it will take many of us liberals (and intelligent Republicans and Independants) getting angry. Angry enough to DO something about the tragedy that is our current administration and the Republican bullies that have taken over the people's government!

On a side note, I think that it's too bad that ALL of us can't put our country first (along with family), and our political views second or third, behind self interest/self enrichment.

The right-wing attack dogs seems to be SO good at whipping up false anger and blind rage (remind you of other parts of the world?) that it has to be countered by the truth, somehow deprogramming the zombie hoards that pray daily to the American Mullahs like Limbaugh, Hannity, and Roberts.
Frankly it seems like an overwhelming challenge, and some just might have too much "Kool-Aid" in their system to ever see the light, but we have to try. NO, we have to SUCCEED!

But first many Democrats have to overcome their natural instinct to be passive, and HELP FIGHT for a better government!

To be continued........

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