Friday, September 02, 2005

Very cool. A blog from downtown New Orleans (at least until their generator runs out of fuel)

OK, I originally heard about this via a feed from that linked to a story on

Here's a link to the story, and the link [above] takes you to the blog.

This blog is fascinating. The more I read the more amazed I become. Truly an 'insider's' look. And with the police using the building as a staging area, we can gain some news and insight that the MSM just can't compete with. It's amazing.

The people working there must have serious mixed feelings about their 'relative' good fortune when people are dying outside. I sure would.

One question I have is how long can they expect to be allowed to stay there if they do get fuel and provisions? Isn't the city supposed to be totally evacuated at some point?

Either way, the blog should give us a first-hand account, and some inside information of the goings on in the city of New Orleans (and the only business still operating).
And that's without the sensationalistic and repetitive coverage of the MSM.

This blog, along with the blogs ("Baghdad Burning" & "Healing Iraq") that have been coming out of Baghdad give us an unmatched glimpse of life from the inside (even if they haven't been updated for quite a while).

I just had a thought... They must have lighting available, but I doubt very much that it's visible from the outside.
Can you imagine what would happen if they were the only building in the area with some lights on? I'm betting that they're keeping a very low profile.

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