Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What's more important, your name on a 'bridge to nowhere', or helping your country?

Daily Kos: Compassionate Conservatism at work

I've been waiting to see what the response from the politicians from Alaska would be when the question of returning the pork dollars they received from the Federal Highway Bill.

We now know what Rep. Don Young, the Alaska Republican who is chairman of the transportation committee thinks of the idea.

I heard the other day that some folks in Washington were talking about making cuts to the budget to help pay for the Katrina disaster. I think that's a good idea, but not in the areas that were mentioned, like drug benefits to seniors. The budget was bad enough as it is with not enough money going where it's badly needed, and far too much going where it's NOT needed.

Take a second and think of the federal budget as your household budget. If you budget money for a trip to Vegas, and then a tree falls on your roof, you cut the trip to Vegas out and fix your roof (unless you've got a lot of extra money, which you/we don't).

How damned irresponsible and selfish IS Rep. Don Young?

Pork projects should never be acceptable unless the government is running a surplus, and even then, two $200+ million bridges to serve under a hundred people looks like the 'Hogzilla' of pork projects.

Rep. Don Young of Alaska, stop acting like a spoiled child and do the right thing.
And that goes for any other politician unwilling to give up his/her pork project(s)!

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