Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Is there any way Bush can be prevented from making any more appointments?

How many times does he have to totally screw-up before the American people say "NO MORE!" ?

From nominating the most outrageous candidates for Judges, to appointing someone with absolutely no credentials or experience like Brown to head a critical department like FEMA, president Bush has proven that he'd rather appoint political 'friends' than people with actual experience and strong credentials.
I guess Bush never learned about 'ethics' and 'responsibility'. He probably skipped class those days.

Can America afford this?

Now he's named Karl Rove to head the Katrina reconstruction efforts.

Experience = NONE

Danger of corruption/cronyism = GREAT

I don't know if others see the same thing I do when Bush speaks, but 99.9% of the time the look on his face says 'CLUELESS'.....

Could you imagine what would happen if Bush had to face questioning like Tony Blair does in England?
He'd wet himself. He has neither the intelect, nor the ability to think on his feet, and I'd just love to see it. Even WITH an earpiece prompting him....
As it is, whenever he's out for a photo-op or pushing his plan to ruin social security, the audiences are hand picked, and it's assured that nobody will ask him anything that he hasn't been 'prepped' for.

I know it's a lot to ask (seeing as half the country re-elected the liar), but isn't it becoming obvious to even the most gullible Americans that his choices can't be trusted?
He's taken us from a budget surplus to a huge deficit, given away billions of our tax dollars to the richest Americans and corporations that don't need it like the Oil & Gas industry (who are now making such huge profits they're buying up shares of their own stock), taken America into an unecessary war, trashed our international reputation, and is now making more bad decisions that are costing more American lives and placing a huge financial burden on the next generation.

How much more can we take people?

PS: Let's not forget about Darfur, Tom Delay, Halliburton, PlameGate, and a hundred other issues I can't recall at the moment.

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