Thursday, July 26, 2007

Steven Colbert wasn't funny

I just watched Steven Colbert waste the time of his viewers and his guest.

To begin with he started off saying the interview was about 'industrial hemp',
but the guest was advocating 'medical marijuana'. Then when the guest tried
to make the distinction clear Steven wouldn't let him, instead making the same
stupid and childish generalizations that the opponents make* and wasting time
with 'pot' jokes.

*Now I assume that Steven was attempting to make fun of the opponents of this
(medical marijuana/industrial hemp)
through parody, but by talking over and interrupting his guest ceaselessly the
ENTIRE message was lost/drowned out.

It pisses me off to see someone I've admired (for the most part) as one of the few who
tries to show the absurdity and BS so prevalent in Washington DC and on the "news" take an important subject and obliterate it with juvenile jokes that reinforce false stereotypes!

Is this just a product of a show that's just too convoluted for it's own good?

If I was the guest I would have asked (at the 'break') WHY I was even asked to be on.

Steven screwed up when he thought it would be (funny?) to get his viewers to go to Wikipedia and change an entry, causing a big headache, time, and money for those maintaining the site. It wasn't.

Hey Steven, we have enough of a hard time getting these subjects to the public!
Your guest only has a minute or two to at the most to speak.
You decided that it was more important to fill the ENTIRE segment with your [jokes?].

People who are dealing with chronic/deadly diseases that can be eased with medical marijuana
deserve better!

Damn it, you didn't let the guy get a single sentence in that anyone could understand, and you REINFORCED all the false stereotypes in the process.

Way to go dip shit!