Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Center for Public Integrity>Roberta Baskin to Join the Center for Public Integrity as Executive Director

The Center for Public Integrity

I was quite impressed yesterday, listening to/watching Ms. Baskin on C-SPAN as she spoke about her new position as Executive Director at The Center for Public Integrity. I hadn't seen her for quite a while, and all I knew about her was that I'd seen her reporting on CBS.

I wish there was a way for (many) more Americans to be exposed to the information available on this web site. As she mentioned, there are SO many more choices competing for people's time these days. Unfortunately, far too many of those choices (for NEWS) are news outlets that care more about 'entertaining' their viewers, than producing unbiased reports. As Ms. Baskin said, investigative journalism COSTS much more to produce than the typical 'parroting' that seems to prevail these days (I'm talking about CNN, MSNBC, Fox [news?], CBS, NBC, and ABC). It's as if all the news departments looked at the 'wire' and picked 3 of the 5 (or so) headlines available and just wrote up the copy for their 'Talking Heads' to read. It certainly is CHEAPER to do it that way, but the PUBLIC (remember us?) is done a great disservice!

Well thankfully we (those of us who CARE about what's REALLY going on) have all the news resources that the internet provides, and this web site "The Center for Public Integrity" is one of those resources.

I think (after listening to her speak on the subject) Roberta Baskin is an excellent choice. As I said, I just wish more people could be exposed to this information!

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