Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What about Novak?

Personally, I think Robert Novak should be considered persona non-grata in Washington DC, and everywhere else for that matter. And he should be sent on his way with a good tarring and feathering (Zell Miller's outburst at the convention gave me that idea).

Excuse my simple mind, but it doesn't make any sense to me that a CIA operative can be 'outed' in Novak's column with all the possible repercussions that entails, and it's NOT against the law?
Well it damn well ought to be!

I'm also thinking that he's definitely got more balls than brains, messing with the 'Company'.
And if I read about him having an 'accident' some time in the future, well let's just say I won't be surprised... or sad.
You reap what you sow Bob.....

I don't know what life is like for Novak these days, but I'm hoping that the only people who readily associate with him are similar 'dregs of the media'.

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