Thursday, March 15, 2007

Twitter, "What are you doing?"

Twitter the latest new thing in electronic communication. You can stay in contact with friends and family, work, collaborations, etc..

I can't tell exactly where this will go, but I see it as another branch on the tree of electronic communication's evolution. What I do see is (aside from the developer's ideas) a worldwide audience that will take Twitter and adapt it to suit their individual needs.

Here's how Wikipedia describes it:

"Twitter is a social networking service that allows members to inform each other about what they are doing and what they think. It allows users to send messages via phone or instant messaging. Two SMS gateway numbers are available - one for USA, and one UK number for international use. Users can receive updates from other selected users via web, IM, or SMS.

It made its debut at South by Southwest Interactive in March 2005. [1]Its an example of a Micro-Blogging platform."

I'll write more about it as time goes by...

Right now I'm waiting for 4-5 relatives to respond to my 'invites' to Twitter.

I don't know why, but my brother seems like he doesn't adapt to/try new technology easily. And that's strange because as I recall, he was instrumental in bringing computers to the aerospace company he was working for back in the late 70's. I assumed that he knew much more about computers than I do, but now I have my doubts. I know that I can't expect everyone to have the same enthusiasm for emerging technology as I do, but he's just so smart, and he should be WAY ahead of me at this point. Especially when I'm the "loser" of the family!

Because of my psychiatric issues that require me to pound knowledge into my brain over and over again for it to 'stick', it takes me 10 times as long to "know" things, and half the time I avoid the PC (for many reasons..) hence the periodic gaps in my blogging output and correspondence.

Twitter, more so for me, might help [me] stay in contact more easily w/ friends, family, and associates.
I'm not sure they all realize the trouble I have staying 'in touch' (maybe cousin Martha does ;-)).
IM'ing works, but people have different preferences for IM programs.

I don't know... at the end of the day, whatever will help/encourage me keep in touch with my people (will be good [for lack of the more precise term that I was searching for but can't access*....]).

Note: Sorry for turning this post about Twitter into [insert precise term here]...
I do feel the necessity to explain what I go through in trying to appear "normal".
Sometimes I can do it, sometimes I can't. I HAVE to keep trying though.
The alternative is madness, and nobody wants that!
But as my late father always said, "keep smiling!" (and as I've found, blogging my thoughts/feelings really helps!)

*This is precisely why it takes me HOURS to produce blog posts and the like.
I spend half my time searching my brain for the correct words to convey my precise thoughts.
The words are [there], but the mechanism for recalling them is FUBAR...

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