Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Media Matters - Contact Your Local Limbaugh Station

Media Matters - Contact Your Local Limbaugh Station

People with a sense of decency and truth need to stand up to the lies and disgusting contempt for any viewpoint other than his own that Rush Limbaugh displays daily on his radio show.

Contact your local stations that continue to carry Limbaugh's verbal diarrhea and let them know that enough is enough.

Like Bush and other chickenhawks, Limbaugh didn't have the guts to serve his country and has again falsely attacked the patriotism of decorated war heroes and those serving presently in Iraq who don't share his blind obedience to a failed policy.

There IS a line of acceptable behavior and Limbaugh repeatedly crosses it, and the radio stations who continue to provide a platform for his disgusting and dishonest rhetoric need to know that they and the advertisers are 'enabling' it and will pay a price if they to allow it to continue.

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