Monday, July 25, 2005

Excellent article by a true friend - A neighbor's view of Valerie Wilson's 'outing'

It amazing to me that people like Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman (and other BS artists) are still sticking to their "Talking Points" (aka. LIES) when the facts clearly refute them.

Watching the hearing on C-SPAN last week dealing with this issue it made me wonder why all those over-paid news readers and so-called "journalists" never challenge statements made by people like Mr. Mehlman, even though they should* know it's pure BS.

There's something seriously wrong when good decent Americans like Valerie Plame/Wilson and her husband Joe are slandered like this without conscientious reporters revealing that the Republican "Talking Points" are false, misleading, or otherwise not based on reality.

And some of these overpaid parrots in the MSM have the nerve to "pooh-pooh" bloggers, many of whom are actually serving their readers by pointing out all the innacuracies in the *news*.

*If they don't they should be fired. The [actual] facts are easy enough to verify.

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