Saturday, July 23, 2005

Very interesting Congressional Hearing on C-SPAN yesterday

AP Wire | 07/23/2005 | Ex-CIA officers rip Bush over Rove leak

Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson made excellent points yesterday when he spoke at a Congressional Hearing (televised on C-SPAN).
He filled in some of the blanks, and at the same time pointed out some of the administration's blatant lies, along with the media's careless repetition of many of those "falsehoods" like the reporting/smearing that his wife was the one responsible for sending him to Niger.

He also brought home the serious danger, and the extent of the damage to the intelligence community that was done.

All done (I feel) because the White House was embarassed and shown to be full of it by Joe Wilson. (GOOD job Joe!)

But there's a real problem.... So few people will have seen this hearing that these important facts won't enter the collective consience, like the Watergate Hearings did. It was carried by the networks and a great majority watched it and talked about it.
As I see it, the chances of this hearing even being mentioned on the numerous "news" channels is remote.

Jon Stewart and/or* Al Franken might talk about it though.

Just think about that for a moment.....

The MSM (saying again for the millionth time) should be ashamed, although I *think* some of them might be starting to smell the coffee (and as I see it, the Internet and Blogs have been an important part of them "waking up").

*And a couple of others I can't come up with at the moment.

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