Tuesday, February 20, 2007

How many times can you say "unbelievable"?

I'm sitting here watching last night's "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" and this thought hit me.

Not for the first time mind you, but hard enough to sit down at the PC and [finally] write this down...

As I listened to a former CIA [lead?] analyst on Bin Laden speak about the unfortunate reality regarding AL Quaeda's future and Bush's handling of his "War on Terror", I found myself saying it again.

Could this have been mishandled in any more of a selfish and utterly disasterous way?

Bush has our military focused in the wrong area where it's now in a quagmire (or FUBAR) and we're damned if we do, and damned if we don't because of how badly Rumsfeld Co. screwed up the post-invasion plans (Q: WAS it a 'screw-up', or do some people [including Cheney Friends] want [us] to be there for a LONG time to come...?).

He took his eye off the ball in Afghanistan and wiffed a big one, letting Bin Laden slip into the protection of some warlords in Pakistan, knowing that President Musharraf won't have the full support of the intelligence service and won't take the chance of arresting/killing Bin Laden and his compatriots.

Nothing the US is doing now militarily (AFAIK) is working to stop AL Quaeda from their ultimate goal of nuking the US.

It's mainly having the opposite effect.

I'd hate to think what would have happened if the Republicans had succeeded in solidifying it's version of the 'thousand year reich' and it's perpetual pre-inked rubber stamp for whatever the boy king and his handlers deem 'necessary for the war on /(of?) terrorism'.

On a side note, historians (and anyone who studies history) must see the same things that I notice whenever I watch The History Channel's programs about other historic blunders.

Even with my limited knowledge/memory I continuously notice parallels with Bush's (surreal) presidency.

Secrecy and domestic intelligence gathering seems Soviet-like.

The obvious parallels to Watergate and Nixon's administration...

The power currently exhibited and seemingly deemed inherent by this president is (IMO) is what our forefathers fought against, and tried to prevent with our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

He's/they've surrounded themselves with political appointees, and get rid of anyone who dissents.

They seemingly think nothing of lying to conceal the truth, and if they're challenged by laws they just ignore the law, interpret it differently, or (before this last election) just changed the law because of the majority rule.

They rail against some of the world's dictators and the like...Yet they're doing some of the same things..

And the worst part of the whole thing... The one part of American society that should be helping to expose and protect the PEOPLE seems mainly asleep at their job. Where's the free press? We applaude it in other countries, and yet in our own country it has failed to do it's job of finding and telling the TRUTH.

The mass media has been a mostly willing TOOL for Bush Co..

Now I'll say what I'm certain reflects the feelings of millions of intelligent Americans tese days... Thank you Keith Olbermann!

I'm not sure though if I should thank MSNBC or not. Most of the others with shows there are questionable at best.

I mean Tucker Carlson? And until recently, (beady-eyed) Joe Scarborough (lately he does seem to reject the administration's verson of reality)? And SAVAGE???

And as much as I respect the show, Meet the Press is guilty of mal-practice also.

I KNOW Keith O. wouldn't let Cheney come on his show and REPEATEDLY lie and try to blow sunshine up the viewer's butts!

(Hmmm, could that be the reason for his choice of shows to be on?)

I/we've been waiting for someone with the national platform to say what I've been yelling at Bush Co. [through the TV] for years

The only good news lately was the recent elections. They should have sent a clear message to Bush and his enablers that the majority of this country wanted a change of approach, but if it registered, it only lasted for a few days until the death star regained some (if somewhat limited) power again...

There are quite a few words that keep popping into my head as I ponder what's going on our country these days, unbelievable is only one of many.

I've highlighted them at times in this blog, sometimes 'linking' the words to a dictionary web site's definition, to reinforce the meaning.

I'd give the Bush administration an "F" in all these categories:

- Leadership

- Competence

- Compassion

- Trust

- Morals

On the other hand, if they're going in the other direction, they'd get all "A"s:

- Belligerence

- Greed

- Secrecy

- Lack of morals

I can't explain how Bush came to be "elected", and even more unbelieveably re-elected.

I can't believe how they lied to our faces to get us into the war.

I can't believe how so few in the press tried to challenge the administration's claims before the war.

I can't believe how the press let the whole "Swiftboat" (and others like w/ Max Cleland) smear happen.

I can't believe how bad it feels to have the rest of the world think badly of our great country because of the Bush administration's behavior.

And I can't believe that the CRIMINAL actions by this president and others in his administration are being mainly IGNORED and will probably go unpunished. If only Bush would have let Carla Fae Tucker live out the rest of her life helping other inmates in prison, and instead take her place in the death chamber...

Somehow I have to keep believing that good will prevail over the evil currently in the people's house (the White House).

At the same time I'm hoping that there won't be any major terrorist attack on the US any time soon.

Beyond the obvious reasons I fear the response, at least by the upper management in govt. will approach the Katrina response in exposing the inepttitude and lack of planning and foresight.

I have absolutelt NO faith in this administration...bottom line!

I'll probably say it many more times in the future, but to me it really isn't "unbelieveable" anymore.

Unfortunately it's all too believeable these days....

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