Friday, September 21, 2007


Dispute it. Prove that it's not true, or let it go. Our [representatives?] sat on their hands while 'Swiftboat' and other similar ads flat out lied about honorable men who served with distinction and sacrificed parts of their body in service to their country.

Compare that with an ad that is honest and reflects the feelings of many Americans.
We feel that Gen. Petraeus betrayed his country by knowingly lying to Congess.
He doesn't deserve to be treated deferentially after such a display of dishonesty!
If he had come and given his honest assessment it would have been different, but as predicted he chose to do the president's dirty work.

He chose politics over honor and honesty, and for that he got called on it.

Now 22 democrats (and even Gen. Wesley Clark!) think it was wrong. They say this ad, so much more than the disgusting ads lying about Kerry and Max Cleland deserves to be denounced by Congress?

Why? Please explain yourselves. Especially the 22 democrats!
Why this ad and not the truly offensive ones of the past?

I'm disgusted by this display of hypocrisy and will not vote for anyone who voted "yea", period.

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