Saturday, May 21, 2005

Another example of sloppy reporting....

Following The Trail Of Illegal 'Star Wars' Downloads - Yahoo! News

Now when it comes to illegally downloading copyrighted materials, I never have, and I never would.

Now that I have that out of the way, this is what is wrong with a certain comment in this article.

Here's the sentence in question:
" The majority of illegal downloads of "Star Wars" has occurred on the BitTorrent site, Garland said, and despite the number of downloads so far, Hollywood did a good job at preventing the movie's release sooner. "

Notice that it says "[on] the BitTorrent site".

This statement, to (and BY) people who haven't taken the time to understand HOW the BitTorrent process works is totally misleading !
absolutely NOTHING happens [on] that web site (or ANY web site).

I realize that to many people this might not be a big deal, but accuracy in reporting is crucial, so as not to leave the reader/listener with a false impression ! (Of course lately the current administration has actually developed misleading folks in this manner to an art form...)

I believe that part of a reporter's job is to actually KNOW something about that which they're reporting !

You don't send a gossip columnist to cover a "technical" story... Of course [this] reporter (Antone Gonsalves) seems to a technical background (from a "Google" of his by-line), so there's no good reason for him to have mis-led his readers in this way. He should have possibly corrected Mr. Garland and/or asked for a clarification.

Yes, it was probably just an oversight (we've all done it), but because I think ACCURACY (in reporting) is so important I felt I had to mention it here.

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