Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Interesting reading...This Press Secretary's more of a WEASEL than Ari !

Scottie & Me - White House Briefing -

I have to wonder why reporters even bother to go to the White House briefings anymore.

Now I realize that it probably will NEVER happen, but I wonder what Scott McClellan would do if ALL the reporters (well, ALL but the faux reporters like Gannon who are bought and paid for) DEMANDED answers every time [he] avoids the [actual] question asked ?

I mean someone please stand up as a g-damn AMERICAN and say "NO, that's NOT what I asked! WHY won't you answer the question?
Kind of like the movie line, "I'm mad as HELL, and I'm not going to take it anymore!!!" Enough of the secrecy. Enough of the BS ! If you're not going to answer our questions, WHY are we here ?
I mean, might as well just hand out press/propaganda releases and save everyone the time, right ? ....but as usual I digress.

If enough of the "reporters" in the room backed them up... what am I saying? If enough of the "reporters" had the GUTS/INTEGRITY (well, like Helen Thomas for instance) they COULD do it.

I'm afraid that the way the White House seems to like to run things these days, they'd just as soon fill the briefing room with "Jeff Gannons" (and some WH interns for filler).

Why do we stand for this ?

And on another note, WHY is Robert Novak walking around a free man ? If it's a crime for the person who gave him (and the others) the CIA agent's name, WHY isn't it a crime for [him] to publish it in his column ? What a POS. (I fart in his general direction!..a-la Monty Python)

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