Wednesday, May 25, 2005

It's time for the MAJORITY to stand up for OUR rights !

Watchdog group slams 'soft porn' Paris Hilton TV ad - Yahoo! News

I'm sick of this. I think it's time we in the majority stand up for our rights and stop letting a small but vocal group of tight-assed puritans (yes, and some of them serious hypocrites) on the far right dictate what the MAJORITY sees and hears !

Does this remind you of.... oh I don't know.....maybe THE TALIBAN ?
I'd bet that most if not all of the same people associated with "The Parents Television Council" thought that the strict control that the Taliban exercised over the people of Afghanistan was a bad thing.
Can they not see that they themselves are guilty of similar intolerance of whatever they determine is "bad" for society ?

The time is long overdue for "We the People" to counteract the threats of boycott (which Wall St. seems to take quite seriously) from these control freaks who want everyone to live their lives the way THEY think is best. They are more than welcome to voice their concerns, but unless WE stand up for ourselves THEY will continue to dictate to the media/business what we can and can NOT see/hear !

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