Friday, May 06, 2005

Did you watch the recent hearings about this on c-span?

FCC boss proposes 911 for Internet phones -sources - Yahoo! News

I can't recall the politician's name, but if you watched this hearing you might recall a guy quite persistant in the way he kept mentioning the company Vonage. It looked to me like this guy really didn't have much 'tech knowledge', but he sure knew one Vonage's name!

I just don't think that Vonage got a fair shake there. They're just one of MANY companies that have the SAME issues with 911 connectivity, but this guy made it sound like Vonage is the only one.

It almost seemed to me that this was a planned attack, but I don't know... Maybe the guy's just ignorant, and doesn't know any better.

I'd like to hear from some people who watched it, and see if you noticed this too.

BTW, I signed up with Vonage about a year ago, and while checking out ALL the information on the web site, I [read] about all the issues and limitations concerning '911' connectivity. The information wasn't hidden, but you DO have to be responsible, and not just quickly breeze over the 'fine print' (in the excitement of the purchase).

Ultimately, due to hardware incompatibility reasons, I decided that I'd wait for a little while, and I returned my Vonage unit (for now).
I'll try it again once the service becomes more 'reliable'.

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