Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Are these young Repugs all political science students majoring in B.S.?

The Young Chickenhawks

This article says that calling for Jenna and Barbara Bush to serve in Iraq "might not be fair". I'd have to agree with that, but it made me wonder, why don't we see them visiting the south where Katrina hit, maybe helping the Red Cross or something similar?

I have to think that the excuse might be something like 'it would be too much of a disruption having them there', or 'it might not be safe for them'.

All bullcrap I say.

I'm hoping that maybe they wanted to do something but 'mom/dad' wouldn't let them out of a fear for their safety. The undertones of that being that 'dad' is SO unpopular that it threatens his daughters safety.

Another thought I had was that maybe the twins aquired the same disconnect with/disdain for the underclass that their father (and grandmother) exhibits.
I'm sure that whatever they're doing these days is SO much more important than showing some compassion towards the people affected by Katrina. I think that if they were out there actually helping (not just 'faking it' for a photo-op) it would help their father's image somewhat, and their own image a LOT.

Regarding all the young Republican Chickenhawks on college campuses these days, I'm not really surprised, but more disappointed than anything. Especially lately, with all the administration's/House's criminal indictments, faked 'news stories', and scripted 'non-scripted' chats with hand-picked soldiers embarassing the Republican party, I wouldn't think that their numbers would actually be growing.

Doesn't say much for their intelligence or their honesty/integrity does it? These kids must be either very gullible, very dishonest, or BOTH.
I'm guessing that 'ethics' is not in their curriculum.

One thing's for sure. They sure are taking after their 'leader' aren't they? Following the [not so] proud tradition of 'do as I say, not as I do'. And like the president, their leaders seem to be Pompous asses.

On another note, I've been thinking again....(all jokes aside), that maybe the reason that GB seems to appoint underqualified people for positions in his administration stems from his own unwarranted rise to power. It's natural to want to surround yourself with people who share similar traits, is it not?
Of course in Bush's case it's quite dangerous (being the posterboy for the "Peter Principle") to nominate people who share his traits.

And on another tangent, if Harriet Miers had a shred of integrity, she would have thanked the President for wanting her to be the next Supreme Court Justice, but that she would have to decline because she has no real judicial experience, and there are SO many others who are more qualified.

My God, anyone who thinks (or writes) that GB is 'the best Governor EVER' should be screened for brain damage (or brain WASHING).

I keep thinking of a line in one of the Batman movies (and relating it to Washington DC) "This town needs an enema!"

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