Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Still blogging from downtown NO Internet Company

Survival of New Orleans Blog - Oct, 11, 2005

I wanted to post SOMETHING to my blog. Sorry for the lack of posts lately, blogging and daily blinding headaches don't go well together...

Anyway, this blog from downtown New Orleans continues to provide interesting insight from a non-MSM source. As I wrote previously, these bloggers stayed in NO during Katrina, keeping their internet company running throughout hurricane Katrina.

Now as the rebuilding starts, they're providing local insight and news that are unavailable through "normal" news channels.

For those who care, this is an excellent web site to "bookmark".

Aside from the news their blog provides, they've proven that their company(ies?) are definitely commited to providing their customers uninterrupted service throughout some of the most difficult situations likely to occur, including monumental disasters like Katrina. If I was in the market I'd certainly consider hiring them.

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