Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Screw you Bush!

10:35 AM 10/4/2005

I'm listening to your press conference and I hear you calling for "cuts" in the budget to help offset the cost of the reconstruction down south. I kept waiting to hear you do the responsible thing and DEMAND that the Congress FIRST cut all the "PORK" out of the spending bills that were recently passed. We all know where the cuts you called for are most likely to occur. They'll be cuts that will affect the people who don't have multi-million dollar lobbyists to fight for them, THE POOR and the SICK. The people YOU only interact with when there's a disaster, or when you need a "backdrop" for one of your photo-ops.

On top of that, you're calling for the reconstruction money to be spent wisely. Is that why businesses are tripping over themselves to get some of what one businessman (Noah Lieske) described in a blog (Survival of New Orleans Blog) as "a NEVER ENDING SOURCE OF INCOME AT INFLATED WAGES DIRECLY FROM ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL US GOVERNMENT AGENCIES: FEMA." ???

Mr. President, I recall my mother saying as I grew up "talk is cheap". Well sir, to date, your actions have NOT matched your words.

More cronyism, no-bid contracts for "friends" of the administration, and bags of money being thrown around like the sandbags they dropped to stop the flooding levees. I guess that's what you mean when you say 'spending the money wisely', eh?

Are we going to hear AGAIN about contractors being paid [literally] with truckloads of CASH like in Iraq?

Are we going to hear AGAIN that millions, or as in Iraq BILLIONS of dollars are UNACOUNTED for?

The next thing I expect to hear is that FEMA's ordering that a giant catapult be built, so that (as in the current commercial on TV) we can "throw more money at the problem".

And who the hell at FEMA OK'd paying DOUBLE the normal price to Carnival Cruise Lines for the use of cruise ships to house evacuees? Is THAT being "responsible" Mr. President?
They don't even pay taxes here in America do they? This is freaking CRAZY!
If the concientious woman (Bunnatine H. Greenhouse) at the Pentagon (whose job was to control government procurement costs at the Army Corps. of Engineers) and others like her weren't prevented from doing their jobs this might not have happened.

I thought that because of all the scandals surrounding your administration (and now others in the Republican party), maybe the pressure is forcing you to make bad decisions. How else could you explain all the totally absurd choices you've made, like appointing such an incompetent horses ass to head FEMA? And now appointing your PERSONAL attorney for the position of Supreme Court Justice!
But then again, you've been making bad decisions throughout your presidency, so that can't be the cause.

Do you not care at all about your legacy? Wake up! As it stands now you'll be known for (among other things) widening the divide between the rich and the poor, tax cuts for the top 1%, a war of CHOICE with thousands of our soldiers and innocent Iraqis killed, creating a huge budget deficit, trying to gut Social Security, and some of the most inane choices for political appointments in my lifetime, one of which (Michael Brown) because of inaction, confusion, and incompetence probably contributed to many DEATHS after Katrina.

While people were waiting for help to arrive, YOU were still on vacation, screwing around at a photo-op strumming a guitar, and your director of FEMA didn't even know where the the shelters were
in NO!

The more I read about it, the more I realize you have some things in common with Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus (Nero).
For one, Nero reportedly played a lyre on top of Quirinal Hill, you used (I won't say played) a guitar but very few were entertained.
In his defence, at least Nero returned from HIS vacation [in Anzio] "in haste".
Nero didn't accept any responsibility, and neither did you, despite your pathetic quasi-acceptance. Leaves me wondering who's going to be "thrown to the lions".

When the hell are you going to do what's right for America, and not what's right for you, your wealthy friends, or people who helped get you elected?

If I had to sum up the last five years of your "leadership" in three words, they'd be incompetence, cronyism, and corruption. Oh wait, there's more, unnecessary DEATHS here and abroad, international LOSS OF TRUST of America, and countless LIES from you and members of your administration........

You might be able to fool the ignorant people of this country, but I'm not fooled and I never was.
After you were first elected, I said* to MANY people "this idiot's going to get us into a war", and dammit I was [unfortunately] right. Little did I know that it would be even worse than I imagined.

I can't wait until the WHOLE story is told by the historians (and I'm not talking about the paid "writers" you occasionally employ) of you and your partners in crime like Rove, Cheney, etc.. It will read like a bad crime novel, set in the nations capital.

It's just too bad that we all (especially our children) will have to pay for your incompetence and selfishness in one way or another for years to come.

Nice legacy.

*Multiple times with MANY witnesses.

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