Monday, October 24, 2005

Bill O'Reilly is FOS, but [almost] everyone knows that right?

O'Reilly called Media Matters "100 percent dishonest" ... [Media Matters]

This clown O'Reilly is scared witless of a real debate against someone like David Brock, who has actual VERIFIABLE facts on his side. O'Reilly would be totally embarassed, and undoubtedly would revert to name calling and other juvenile bullying tactics.
...OK, he probably wouldn't wait for anything before using his normal tactics, but you get the idea.

Hey Bill, why don't you back up your words?
You say "Media Matters is 100% dishonest".
Well BACK IT UP! Show everyone exactly what you're talking about.
Prove your point! If you CAN......

But of course you can't because you're totally full of crap as usual.

It's bad enough you and Rush (and the rest) are habitual liars, but your loyal followers must be total FOOLS!
I sometimes wonder if they could even be 'deprogrammed', and come to realize that everything you told them was either taken out of context or total LIES.

It would be one thing if all you did was express your HONEST opinion, but you don't do that.
You purposely twist the FACTS so that your listeners end up with a false impression of what REALLY happened.

What would you call someone who did that.....for a living?
Besides YOU, another who comes to mind is Scott McLellan*, although he normally just avoids the question all together, but I digress...

Bottom line, the people of Media Matters have integrity (look it up), you and the others like you DON'T.

*See definition of "weasel".
Update 5:40 PM: After further reading on the Media Matters web site I (not surprisingly) found a similar article about Bill's buddy Rush Limbaugh!
Same MO, don't let the facts get in the way...

Here's the [link].

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