Friday, December 16, 2005

Dammit, we're NOT "fighting to keep America free" in Iraq!

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I'm a veteran, and I have all the respect in the world for our servicemen and women serving in the military. That said, the ones that say that they're "fighting for our freedom" in Iraq are missing the point or deceiving themselves, and are flat out WRONG.
The Iraq war has absolutely NOTHING to do with [our] 'freedom' here in the USA. OUR 'freedom' isn't threatened in any way. OUR freedom hasn't been threatened since WWII and not since then.
To claim that what we're doing in Iraq has anything to do with "our fight to keep America free" does a great disservice to those who actually DID fight to keep America free. And in doing so gives legitimacy to a war of CHOICE based on lies and deception.
Even if you add 'from terrorism' to the end of that statement it's still wrong.

I'm thinking that some of the soldiers (and civillians) making this type of statement are just parroting what they've heard others say, and some might not have the intellect to know what they're saying, but either way they need to be corrected. They are good soldiers, but some of them don't seem to know (or can't verbalize) the actual reason they're in Iraq.

Then again, it must be hard for them to get any kind of perspective on the 'big picture' while they're in the middle of it.

That's where a REAL leader is necessary. Not one who's reason's for the war change with the political winds and as their lies are exposed. Someone with character and honesty who can admit when they've made mistakes, and make CHANGES to fix them instead of 'staying the course'. One who could tell the American people and the brave people serving in our military the truth in the first place.

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