Thursday, December 01, 2005

If this doesn't prove it.... (and THANK YOU Keith Oberman!)

Fox now selling "Christmas" ornaments for "Chri ... [Media Matters]

...nothing will.

Except to the uber-faithful of Fox News who have demonstrated that they can ignore or explain anything negative regarding their 'leaders'.

They're higher on the 'loopy' scale than Tom Cruise!

I can't stand to watch anything on the Fox News channel, so I don't know if any of them have addressed this blatant hypocrisy [today], though I'm betting that they'll likely blame it on some 'staffer'.

I wish that the products themselves had "Holiday" on them. Changing the text/image on the web site was just too easy!

The best part for me was seeing Keith Oberman's show last night on MSNBC naming O'Reilly the worst human on earth!

I'd bet that everyone at Fox was hoping that it would be overlooked and/or under-reported.....HA!

Unfortunately, 'Countdown' has been the ONLY place [I've] seen it, outside of liberal blogs.

The more light that can be shone under that big rock they all live under the better, I say.

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