Friday, December 09, 2005

Let's not live to regret this issue. Iran's neighbors better STOP this before they're all TOAST!

Iran Leader's Remarks Draw Ire From Saudis - Yahoo! News

I truly believe that if this belligerence continues, Iran WILL be the location of the next big war.........

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other hard-liners like him are among the LAST people on earth who should be allowed to posess and control nuclear weapons. If they have them they'll most likely USE them, and I have no doubt whatsoever that once possessed, the REAL threatening of neighbors will commence. Then (or before) we'll have a second rogue country with a threatening leader (..OK, three when you count Bush)...

How can the rest of the world ALLOW such belligerent nations to possess weapons that could, if used, effect the world economy, not to mention hundreds of thousands of innocent people. It almost seems like Ahmadinejad is trying to outdo North Korea's Kim Jong Il in the " biggest loose cannon in the world" department.

Personally, this is one of the few scenarios where "pre-emptive" war/strike(s) are thinkable.

It's too late in the case of N. Korea, but I'll bet that if the world community doesn't prevent it,
Israel will [again] take it upon themselves to deal with it. Whether the US gets dragged into it,
well, it's "hard telln' not knowin". If it happens while dumbass is still president, possibly...If it happened after a Democrat [is] elected, maybe...maybe not. Again, it's "hard telln' not knowin". It just might depend on how badly oil supplies are affected, among other things.

Regular Iranians better think about this VERY hard when they listen to their 'leader' speak about Israel and other "enemies". I know it's not the same scenario, but PLEASE don't make the same mistake the american people AND media made before the Iraq war. QUESTION your leaders! It's YOUR future!

The moderates will be right in the middle of it. THEY (and their Arab/Muslim neighbors) should be the ones who put their foot down and stop the nuclear weapons desires of the hard-liners. If it's not stopped, I'm afaid the Middle East will end up with a serious nuclear hangover.

Most people alive today are probably in denial of the possibility of even a limited nuclear conflict becoming reality, but the more they know the facts and the players involved, the more the threat becomes a very REAL possibility.

I'm betting that NATO is taking it seriously, and I'm hoping that the Arab League-Muslim nations [also] determine that the risks of such a conflict are untenable, and unanimously DEMAND that Iran stop it's nuclear quest. They CAN'T sit on their hands and procrastinate on this one, it's TOO dangerous, and not an option this time.

..And one last thing....
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, get it through your head, NOBODY believes the claim that this is all for "peaceful nuclear power for the future"!

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