Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Does Bush live in the state of Texas, or in the state of DENIAL ?

Think Progress » Bush Denies He’s On Vacation

You know, there are SO many examples of this, and I'm so tired lately, I'm just going to leave it here.....

....Well, just one more comment.

I suffer from chronic depression (among other things like ADD, and a serious lack of short-term memory) which [for one] makes it exceptionally hard to compose my thoughts for this blog (and other similar tasks).
FYI: It usually takes me at least an hour to compose what others can do in ten minutes.

But another area where "depression" affects me is simply reading and watching the news.

The general state of affairs in the world is enough to depress many people, and the state of the current administration (AND news coverage, or the LACK of) is MORE than enough to deal with for me...

It just seems that (especially in the current administration) the Heart and SOUL inside the Republican party has disappeared (whatever SOUL was left) which is interesting, considering the number of sanctimonious "Holier than thou" folks there.

I think that politics (and the MSM's coverage of) has become too much like Madison Avenue, where it's OK to "stretch the truth" or otherwise lead people to the wrong/inaccurate conclusion.
We're being programmed to accept BS, and unless you're a serious skeptic like I am, you're vulnerable to it.

I tell you folks, sometimes it's just way too much to take.......
The one good thing is that I think blogging about all this bullshit helps "vent" some of the frustration I feel (at least about politics).

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