Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Where are the Right-Wing "Flip-Flop" hypocrites now ?

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I'm glad Senator Frist has come to his senses, at least on this issue, but recalling how we were inundated with the absurd (not to mention hypocritical) cries of "Flip-Flop" during the last election, where are those idiots now ? According to them, you're not supposed to ever change your position, especially on such a serious issue as stem cell research, and especially if you're the Senate Leader, right ?

C'mon ya blowhards, what's good for the goose is good for the gander, right ?

Of course this is but one of countless examples of hypocrisy in politics isn't it ?

I just wish the same people that made that claim during the election had the integrity to admit it. I respect a person who can admit when they're wrong. It's part of life. None of us is perfect.

I don't have any respect for (the current) President Bush.

But no, nobody will admit to any mistakes, not with the culture of lies and secrecy that pervades this administration. I doubt Bush can even spell the word in-teg-ri-ty, let alone show us that he has any. He simply refuses to admit to making any mistakes at all.

How about Cheney ? Rove ? Pinnochio, er, I mean Condi ?
Nope, no mistakes (or "overstatements") here !

I guess none of them have ever changed their position on anything, ever.

What role models for the youth of our country !

Talk about living in a fantasy world..... I'd swear sometimes that I've woken up in an alternate universe (like maybe for the last 5 years!).

It would be so nice if I woke up tommorow and realized that it was only a nightmare ! Yeah, right Tom.... Dream on !

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