Sunday, August 28, 2005

Good News. Leo Laporte & Call for Help are back !

Starting Monday, August 29th (11 AM est. on Comcast cable), Leo Laporte and the rest of the (Canadian CFH) crew can be seen on the "G4" channel. I'm not sure if G4 is available via satellite.

From what I hear, Kevin Rose will be making some appearances on the show, and I'd imagine that Pat Norton (and other former TechTV'ers) might also.

It really sucked when Comcast/G4 media took over, then destroyed the popular "TechTV" in favor of their little-known G4 channel, alienating a large part of their uber-faithful audience.

Since then, some of the TechTV talent has been snapped up by the likes of CNN Headline News and CNN (Erica Hill and Sumi Das respectively), MSNBC (Jennifer London), KTLA (Michaela Pereira), and Style Network (Jessica Corbin). Others like Patrick Norton (ExtremeTech, DigitalLifeTV) work/write for various online magazines.

Then there's John C. Dvorak..... ;) , author, columnnist, lecturer, who used to be part of the TechTV family with his show "Silicon Spin", and continues to hang out with Leo Laporte and the gang, weekly, on the podcast "This Week in Tech" (TWiT - [over 400,000 listeners and rising]).

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