Friday, August 26, 2005

Sad News.... The Daggett House has been sold and will become a private residence :(

The Daggett House - The Inn On Edgartown Harbor, Martha's Vineyard

I'm not sure exactly when this happened, but that's the message on the Daggett House web site.

That'll teach me for putting off the trip to Martha's Vinyard where I have always wanted to visit, and of course to visit my family's namesake The Daggett House on Edgartown Harbor. My main excuse to myself for not making the trip has always been my dislike for crowds, and from what I've seen and heard, the summer crowds are horrendous. And it certainly hasn't been helped by all the celebrities and high rollers buying properties all over the Island, which of course draws even more people.

There are some places that I wish time and the masses could just ignore. I think I'd probably love it there in the off season (if there even is one these days).

My family's history on Martha's Vinyard goes back to the very beginning, and I've always been awed when I think of what fortitude those people must have had to survive those early years.

Well anyway, whoever bought the Daggett House is very fortunate, and I hope they appreciate what they have.

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  1. hello there are Daggetts in my Mothers family, will get back in touch with you when I know more, but I do remember her speaking of such a house in New England


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