Thursday, August 04, 2005

This piece is REALLY funny.

Unconfirmed Sources

I hope Tom Delay gets a chance to read this page, 'tho we doubt it.

On a side note: This is the first web site I've thought to create a "Funny Political Web Sites" folder for in my Firefox Bookmarks.
This is good stuff !

If I was a Movie/Web Site critic, I might say something like:
"I laughed so hard I farted !"

"Unconfirmed Sources" and Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show" are it as far as I'm concerned ! (Unless there are other equally funny web sites out there, unseen by my eyes, just waiting to give me a temporary lift from the enormous issue that I see as the power-drunk "Religious Right". With an all too willing fool * doing their bidding in the White House it's like a race to grab all they can [while they can].)

*I was tempted to insert a URL to the old "Bush or Chimp" web site here. :-P

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