Friday, August 26, 2005

This looks like a promising solution to the RPG/IED problem !

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I'm not sure where Troy Hurtubise gets his "dream inventions" from, but whatever the source, they're amazing and so is he.

I first became aware of Troy Hurtubise when I saw him on TV demonstrating his "Mark VI Bearproof Suit" years ago. That invention was impressive, but nothing compared to some of the other incredible inventions he's developed like "Angel Light", "Fire Paste", and LIMBC ("Light Infantry Military Blast Cushions").
Oh yeah, and another invention called "Fire Suppressant Agent 333" that could allow (economically feasible) access to the oil that's currently locked inside oil shale and sand. The same technology also helps clean up oil spills that effect coastlines.

The second time I saw him on TV was a demonstration of his "Fire Paste". What I remember from that show was him sitting there with a coating of the fire [proof] paste covering part of his head and a blowtorch aimed directly at it (for a LONG time).

You might think that Mr. Hurtubise is a top scientist working for a large corporation or research facility but he's not (and that's probably a good thing).
And it would be easy to write him off as just some wacky inventor if all you knew about him was his "Bearproof Suit" invention, but that would be incredibly foolish.

The reason I wanted to post about this guy here is that I believe his "Blast Cushions" and the associated technologies could be at least a partial solution to what I believe is the biggest threat to our troops today, the simple Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG).

It's always amazed me that with all our technical advances in military hardware, million dollar machines like helicopters and almost all of our ground vehicles can [potentially] be neutralized with the simple RPG.

Of course the chances of this technology getting through the maze of required Pentagon and Congressional approvals (and POLITICS) and to our troops in Iraq (and everywhere else) anytime soon are remote.

Think about it. This guy is coming up with solutions for problems that have only been dreams for generations of scientists.

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