Wednesday, June 15, 2005

America, would you accept this kind of behavior from your children?

Think Progress » Condi Ducks Questions on Downing Street Minutes

Gee, I guess nobody knows nuthin'.... Huh....wha.. wasn't me, I didn't read it, I didn't see anything, I was just holding it for a friend....

Americans, think about this. If your children gave YOU excuses like the ones this administration has passed of (without question in the MSM) would you let them get away with it? If so, SHAME on YOU!

In my opinion, far too many Americans are IGNORANT of so much of the BS that this administration spews out, and it's obvious that we can't count on either the administration OR the MSM (Main Stream Media) for the TRUTH. Too many of them either don't pay attention
to the news, or they don't know any better and believe what they see on the nightly news (I should say, the MSM [sometimes] does their job, but not very often).

Sometimes I think that one of the few ways you can get a large segment of the American people to be aware of something is to flash it in front of their face 100 times a day/night like the "GEICO" commercials.

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