Thursday, June 23, 2005

Why isn't this being covered? CNN?, MSNBC?, Fox? (yeah, RIGHT!), CBS,ABC,NBC?

U.S. was big spender in days before Iraq handover - Yahoo! News

Could someone PLEASE tell me why none of the IMPORTANT stories are being covered by the MSM*?

Now it's not that I don't think that the "Runaway Bride" and a lost boy aren't news, it's that the MSM seem to think that it's more important to tell viewers what the Right-Wing sleazeballs think of the latest anti-Clinton book ('How the book could ruin Hillary Clinton's election chances'), rather than asking WHY lies and innuendo by "an anonymous source" were allowed to be published in another attempt to smear Mrs. Clinton, why the publisher can't be contacted to answer SERIOUS questions of libellous defamatory material his company published. Compounded of course by the ABSURD title "The Truth......."

The [majority] of the main stream media is seriously failing the American people. This is proven on a daily basis by going to "Media Matters for America" ( ).

Maybe the people responsible for choosing the news stories they cover don't think that Americans (and Iraqis) want to know that 8.8 BILLION dollars are unacounted for in Iraq. Or that the House Leader Tom Delay is corrupt and bullies his way through life with the help of other corrupted Republicans, or how [he] "rearranged" the Ethics Commitee to try to protect himself.

How about the fact that the whole idea of being "represented" in Congress is false now, taken over by record numbers of lobbyists, who in some instances are allowed to help WRITE legislation to the exclusion of anyone who disagrees with their wishes.

I see the majority of Americans blissfully going about their daily business, totally IGNORANT of what's actually going on in their own country getting their news spoon-fed to them by large corporations who care more about the bottom line and ratings, rather than providing their viewers with unshaded information (outside of "editorial" content).

I truly believe that if the media could/WOULD do their job without bias this would be a MUCH better world.
I know that it's not realistic to expect perfect unbiased reporting, but I do see some that comes close from time to time.

Here are a few things I've learned over the years:

- I can't count on TV "news" for the "truth".
- The majority of American people are basically IGNORANT
(and that's EXACTLY how Bush Co. wants it).
- Corruption is one of the biggest problems in the world.
- Republican lawmakers don't seem to care about the "common
people" (those who AREN'T members of the Country Club set).
- The current Bush administration can't be counted on to tell the
truth (if Scotty M. said that it was sunny, I would definitely have
to go outside and check).
- I could spend all day on this list and STILL not be finished.

Anyone care to add their OWN list?

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