Thursday, June 09, 2005

TechTV makes a comeback (of sorts).

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Like SO many others who were dissappointed when Comcast ruined TechTV's "Screensavers" program when they combined it with a 3rd-rate gaming network (although "Call for Help" is still available in Canada via "G4") I was happy to see that many of the old gang are collaborating on a "podcast" named "TWiT" (This Week in Tech). I urge anyone interested in "tech" to download their podcast (episodes 1-8 are available) and check it out.

The quality should be steadily improving as they straighten out equipment and distribution issues, and with the help of listener's support I see (that are offering additional bandwidth/alternate download sites) this latest endeavor by Leo Laporte and his compadre's should take off (actually, it's already "taken off" and they're struggling to keep up with the demand!).
I'm hoping that eventually Leo and the gang (Leo, John C. Dvorak, Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, Yoshi ,...and....damn, MAJOR brain freeze, sorry excellent lab-rat-guy) will be getting "guests" like they did before Comcast killed their show(s).
Some of the biggest names in technology were frequent guests on the show(s) and I hope that Leo will be inviting them to the new show.

I'd also like some of the former "TechTV'rs" that have gone on to work for CNN (Erica Hill), MSNBC (Jennifer London), and others, to sit down with Leo (or at the very least do a "phone" interview) to "catch us up" on life after TechTV.

Please check it out.

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