Sunday, June 12, 2005

WHo's going to stand up and STOP this feeding frenzy of CRIMINAL contractors?

Banned Contractor Soliciting Iraq Deals - Yahoo! News

Anyone think BUSH will do anything to stop it? How about Cheney?
Would you believe them if they said they would? Cheney states that the insurgency is on the decline... How's THAT for being in touch with REALITY?

I swear to God, when/if the whole story ever comes out about ALL of this administration's unethical and CRIMINAL behavior, by the way, John Kerry was exactly RIGHT when he was speaking (to an individual in the audience after his speech) about THIS administration being the 'most corrupt bunch of people....'.

If the American people were made aware..... oh yeah, I forgot, our MEDIA* doesn't have the BALLS (or maybe their corporate OWNERS have castrated them, or at the very least are holding them very tightly) to actually investigate any of this.

*With the exception of some EXCELLENT investigative journalists like Roberta Baskin at The Center for Public Integrity, FAIR, Media Matters, and others I can't recall or list fully here including many bloggers 'linked' to these web sites.

I could go on, (and ON), but I'm ruining my appetite for supper...

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