Thursday, June 09, 2005

This is [my] "Furl Archive" page (The HRHS1975 Archive)

LookSmart's Furl - The HRHS1975 Archive

Here's a link to my "Furl" (archive):

My (individual) problem (related to my "ADD" and other issues) is that I have [this] archive, 2 "blogs" (MSN Spaces and the one you're reading right now), another archive at "digg" (, and I [think] another account with ""....!

This always happens. They ALL seem really interesting, and I'd love to keep all of them up-to-date, but I have enough trouble just keeping up with my 3 email accounts..... I guess we'll just have to see which one(s) can keep my attention the best (NOT an easy task) and piss me off the least!*

*My "pissed-off" muscles get enough of a workout from reading the daily BS spewed by the Right-Wing scum inside the beltway, and the lazy "fluff" journalists who far too often just "parrot" the [inacurate/misleading] statements the overpaid GOP LIARS use to BS the American people.

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